Welcome to Millennial Democrats! I’d like to take a minute to explain who we are and what we stand for.  Our mission is to get millennials enthusiastic about the voting process, and to inspire passion, among young and ALL voters. We can’t count on the media to encourage turnout at every election. And we can’t count on anyone except other Democrats to put anyone decent on a ballot. Times have called upon us to take a hand ourselves. Moving forward, more and more voters from our young generation will be influencing elections. Please feel free to lend your hand in helping us reach them. We believe in helping actual people make actual changes for the better, in their lives and in society. We’re about finding new and innovative ways to do that going in to the future. That’s what Democrats do. We are going to uphold the time honored traditions of Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama, by finding new ways to do good for the people living in the world. We Democrats are responding to millennial concerns, by listening to each other.  By coming together, brainstorming up ways to serve our needs well, and help each other become healthy citizens, we ensure that everyone’s future will be bright. We’ve got to have a no-man-left-behind policy.  It takes us all.