Calling All Millennials- Come, And Be Heard!

We millennials are the future. How we feel, and what we perceive, has more to do with the future of our reality than any other national factor. Room has to, and will, be made for our dreams and ideals. We demand it.
 It’s crucial that we make sure our message and our stance is clear. We are Democrats. We believe in helping actual people make actual changes for the better, in their lives and in society. We’re about finding new and innovative ways to do that going in to the future. That’s what Democrats do. We are going to uphold the time honored traditions of Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama, by finding new ways to do good for the people living in the world. 
We millennials have concerns that are absolutely valid, regarding our own domestic needs. And we’re addressing them in every way we can. The entire point of this project and this fundraiser is to help all us young people get our lives up and running! Investing in the nation’s youth is investing in its future. 
The first step is to correct the misconception that the party hasn’t been listening. This is easy! All we have to do, is start listening! We represent the party. When we go out and talk to people, we listen to them. We address their concerns with sincerity and an earnest heart. We are offering a sane and decent alternative, to the chaos going on around us on the left and right. People will see that eventually. We simply have to show them.
To do this, the most important thing is community outreach. We set up shop in the neighborhoods that are slipping through the cracks. We start fundraising to feed people. To help them pay rent. To help pay for their schoolbooks. In my experience, all the fancy talk in the world, isn’t worth a hot lunch to people who are hungry.
 Once they’re inside, and full, and feeling loved, we tell them how we’re going to do what we can to make it so those schoolbooks don’t have to have a price tag of hundreds of dollars anymore. We share with them our plans for how to cut housing costs and protect renters rights. We ask them for their help and their ideas, and we share with them ours.  
There’s all the room in the world for our youthful energy and enthusiasm. There’s certainly no end of work to do. One of the things I want to see happen, is that funds be raised for getting people a hand with practical education, the stuff we can use to live on while we get that piece of paper.
I want to set up offices, events, and fundraisers designed with the specific intent of bringing millennials in, and giving them the floor. We need honest feedback spoken from the heart if we want to improve.
These efforts are being made ACTIVELY. Right now, in fact. That is the entire point of Millennial Democrats. That is the reason for this group, that is the reason for this page. That is the reason for this website.

When millennials say to you, We are not feeling heard, say to them, Aha! I’ve got an answer! Come with me right now over to Millennial Democrats, where you can talk to smart and dedicated people who will listen and do their best to help!
We all need to get as tech-savvy as we can. Tag the page. Share the page. Like the page. Send links to the page. Get the word out there, that we are here, we are working hard, and we are willing to lend many hands. 
The way things are now, those of us who are in the sane center together are allies. I believe that our branch of the party has the kindest and most practical solutions to the issues that matter. Moderate Republicans are defecting in droves, because they see their leaders behaving like such scumbags. We’ve got to offer them a home! We don’t beat them over the head for past errors. We simply say Welcome, and offer to shake hands. 
 We Democrats are responding to millennial concerns, by listening to each other.  By coming together, and brainstorming up ways to serve our needs well and help each other become healthy citizens, we ensure that everyone’s future will be bright. We’ve got to have a no-man-left-behind policy.  It takes us all.