The Worst Day Yet For Donald Trump- Manafort and Cohen Guilty.

Licking lips like a lizard, Michael Cohen turns on Trump completely. Manafort guilty on 8 counts! Great day for US.

When America saw that Paul Manafort was found guilty yesterday, many of us shouted for literal joy. One lone holdout juror refused to vote to find him guilty on all eighteen counts, so ten of them ended up being a mistrial. He’ll have to go to court again on those.

On eight counts, however, he was guilty then and there. It’s enough to make sure he goes to prison.

“I won’t be this happy on Christmas, unless they find some other, even bigger, Trump crony to throw in the can,” said one of our senior contributors on the subject.

Manafort is said to have held out and went to trial believing he would get a pardon from Trump, who refused to deny he was considering it, even though bipartisan condemnation would surely follow.

Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio tells the story loud and clear, though. This “president” is not at all above subverting the judicial system to reward those who commit crimes he likes. Manafort may get his pardon- but even if he did, he would have to rot in jail until he finishes his other cases. He’s going to do years under any circumstances.

There can be no doubt. After two years of brazen lies, insults, and claims that all we say is fake news, finally. The slobs who watch Fox News can willfully deny no longer, and neither can their Republican masters.

They can gripe, they can whine, they can get ready to start obstructing again after we take back all power from the Republicans and never give any of it back to them. They had better adjust to that reality quick, for their own sakes.

Because Robert Mueller- whose public approval rating has jumped 11 points in the last 24 hours- absolutely blasted Trump yesterday.

Big as a deal as the Manafort conviction was- on any other day, I can’t even imagine another topic taking precedence- it was actually overshadowed by the court appearance and subsequent plea deal taken by Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney.

Cohen’s admission that he paid hush money to Stormy Daniels at Trump’s behest makes Trump the uncharged conspirator in a major felony case.

To understate the case all but absurdly, it’s a big deal. For the first time since he got elected, talk of his impending impeachment may not be far from reality-although if it is, the Republicans should be the ones to do it. We don’t want to split the country like they did with Bill Clinton. They can clean up their own mess, while we raise awareness about their incapacity to do it.

At any rate, Trump has been caught with his pants down, both with Stormy and with former Playboy centerfold Karen MacDougal. He paid her off too.

The question now on everybody’s mind is what comes next.

For all the talk about Robert Mueller and his investigation getting ready to wrap up this fall, we really have no idea. Mueller’s team has been completely immune to the sort of leaks that haunt the White House. There is no person in Mueller’s life analogous to Omarosa Manigault.

Justice Department policy regarding the indictment of a sitting president in the past suggests Mueller won’t charge him directly. But there’s never been a president this crooked before either, so we really don’t know. It is our opinion that at this point, the possibility should not be ruled out.

Indictment or no, the damage this will do to our unpleasant 45th president is almost impossible to overstate.

Between Cohen and Manafort, it’s been the hardest day for Trump since the day of him boasting about other sex offenses he committed on the “Grab ’em” tape recorded by Access Hollywood. It was a one-two punch of epic proportions. Trump is reeling.

What direction the finishing blow comes from is going to depend on Robert Mueller’s report and what’s in it. By this point, it seems likely that it won’t be anything good for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump himself is said to be calm for the moment, which to this Millennial Democrats contributor seems like the effects of shock. It is said that in the White House, they are bracing for a storm- a storm Trump himself has perceived he is caught out in.

Democrats are likewise preparing for the storm. Our leaders have drafted a wide-ranging contingency plan that will go into immediate effect should Trump try and fire Mueller. It will also happen if he takes any other steps to kill the Russia investigation, like firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein or pardoning key witnesses.

“How did we get here?” Trump woefully wondered on Fox News earlier this evening.

You ran for president, Donald. That’s how.

It’s been a tangled path, but one thing is certain. He’s got only himself to blame.

Stormy Speaks Out- A Look at Donald Trump’s True Nature.


Once upon a time, Donald Trump used to look like a real all-American guy. The apple pie grin, the big house on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, yucking it up with Robin Leach- It fit America’s image of itself, an image that the Republicans went to great length crafting and selling in the 80’s.

This is the reason Trump has ended up inheriting the mantle of Ronald Reagan. He looked the part.

Unfortunately for everyone, appearances can be deceiving, and often are.

In a stunning interview on 60 Minutes Saturday night, actress Stormy Daniels told a very ugly story.

Daniels, the adult film actress who alleges that she had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006, went public with the full story of intimidation, bullying, and misogyny that she was put through by the slob who is now our President.

He went so far as to send thugs around to the gym she worked out at in 2011.

“A guy walked up on me and said to me, ‘Leave Trump alone. Forget the story,’ ” Daniels told journalist Anderson Cooper. “And then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, ‘That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.’ And then he was gone.”

She ended up accepting money through a Trump attorney to remain silent because she was scared for her family. Absurdly, that attorney, Michael Cohen, recently has been claiming that the money belonged to him.

Good old human generosity.

The hush agreement allowed her to protect her career and her family, she said, according to a transcript of the show. What a bullying thug.

At the end of the day, we cannot allow the triumph of the way of thugs and threats. Trump is nothing but a wannabe Mafiosi. He’s always going around boasting and making cheap threats, but ultimately all he can really do is revile his enemies on Twitter. He would do much worse if he were able- that is proved clearly by his Putin fascination- but as things stand today he is only a would-be dictator.

The “60 Minutes” broadcast comes just 72 hours after another woman came forward about her own alleged affair with Trump before he was elected president.

Former Playboy centerfold Karen McDougal has sued to break free of a confidentiality agreement that was struck in the months before the 2016 election.

She signed her contract with the parent company of the National Enquirer, which one of Trump’s cronies happens to own. They bought the story to bury it.

Both women say their relationships with Trump began in 2006 and ended in 2007 and that they were paid for their silence in the months before the 2016 presidential election.

Representatives of Trump have dismissed the allegations of McDougal and Daniels, saying that the affairs never happened and that Trump had no knowledge of any payments.

These events, combined with a judge’s decision this week to let a defamation lawsuit filed by former “Apprentice” contestant Summer Zervos, who alleges Trump groped her, move forward, have intensified the spotlight on the president’s history with women.

Perhaps above all else, Trump’s history with women gives us the best look at the manner of man holding our highest office.

He didn’t look at Stormy Daniels as being a person, with feelings and a consciousness. That is how he’s always treated women, and in fact, how he’s always treated everyone who isn’t Donald Trump.

He boasted to her of not sharing a room with Melania, to whom he had been married for only two years and to whom he had an infant child with, as if that makes it any better.

Donald Trump is a man who doesn’t even consider matters of conscience or morality. The word for that is nihilism. It’s Russian.

Millennial Democrats would like to express our best wishes and solidarity with Ms. Daniels. Thank you for your courage in showing us the way.

Going forward, we can continue to repeat the message until it finally begins to sink in. Our president is a criminal, and the country has to rid itself of him to be set right.