No Shutdown or Wall, Alone and Small- Donald Trump, This Is Your Life.


The White House has backed down again. It has announced that it will not shut down the government in October if Trump doesn’t get the money to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border,“Build that wall,” Trump said at the Aug. 22 rally in Phoenix. “The obstructionist Democrats would like us not to do it. But believe me, if we have to close down our government, we’re building that wall.”

However, the predicted job growth this August showed up short to the tune of tens of thousands. The cataclysm that was Hurricane Harvey will have us doing cleanup for years. And a second hurricane, Irma, is growing stronger off the coast of the Caribbean. These are just a few of the many reasons Republicans in Congress have told Trump to focus on other parts of his agenda, and postpone his holy war regarding the the border wall for now.

Others are telling Trump what to do a lot, these days. The Oval Office has become his prison. Anyone wanting to pay him a visit must clear it with Chief of Staff John Kelly. Defense Secretary James Mattis openly contradicted him on North Korea earlier in the week. Roger Stone, former campaign adviser, noted the trend. “Kelly is trying to treat Donald Trump like a mushroom. Keeping him in the dark, and feeding him sh*t”.

Although Trump managed to hide his frustrations about it long enough to tweet out his support for Kelly this morning, he received perhaps the harshest personal blow of his presidency, in the form of the news that his closest personal aide will be deserting him. President Donald Trump’s longtime aide and current director of Oval Office operations Keith Schiller has told people he intends to leave the White House, three sources familiar with the decision told CNN.

Schiller has been a constant presence at Trump’s side for nearly two decades and was among a handful of aides from Trump’s previous life as a businessman to follow Trump onto the campaign trail and into the White House.

While Trump’s other personal bodyguards left when the Secret Service took over as Trump’s protective detail, the 6’4 Schiller remained at Trump’s side. He continued on in his capacity as a bodyguard and personal aide. During the campaign, it was Schiller who often had the best sense of Trump’s mood and needs during the campaign. By all appearances, Trump is heavily dependent on him. Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to believe it, commenting curtly that the story was “not true”.

One source said Schiller has also grown frustrated with the new system installed by White House chief of staff John Kelly aimed at restricting access to the President.

As Trump continues to grapple with Kelly’s more isolating measures, just two close aides who worked for Trump at the Trump Organization will remain at Trump’s side: Hope Hicks, the White House communications director, and Dan Scavino, the social media director.

If it were nearly any other person, one might be tempted toward pity. Donald Trump, after all, is no geopolitical chessmaster, attempting world domination Illuminati-style at the head of some terrifying conspiracy, like either George Bush probably was. He’s a banal and limited man, who was given a bunch of money and a carte blanche at the beginning of life, and told to cut loose. He belonged in a professional wrestling ring, or on a reality TV show. It’s been a sad thing, to watch him ruin himself. Eric Trump told reporters this week that the treatment of his father, might cause him to commit suicide.

However, we must harden our hearts nonetheless. So long as Donald Trump remains in the White House, his unpredictability and savage bursts of temper make him a clear and present danger, to every living being on this planet. He’s the one who’s got the nuclear codes. Until such a time as he decides to tap out, write this off as a mistake, and go home to Trump Tower, he will have to be kept in check.

John McCain made the following statement on the matter before heading home to start his brain cancer treatment.

“Congress must govern with a president who has no experience of public office, is often poorly informed and can be impulsive in his speech and conduct,” McCain wrote in a powerful op-ed in The Washington Post.  “We must be diligent in discharging our responsibility to serve as a check on his power.” Those are not the words of a ringing vote of confidence.

When the day comes when Trump is impeached, and we’ve got someone in the Oval Office who isn’t causing the type of climate that led to the Charlottesville tragedy, we can start to rebuild, and turn our eyes skyward again. Until then, it’s going to be game on.



Keeps Him In Dark, Feeds Him Sh*t- Kelly Treats Trump Like Mushroom

Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone said earlier this week that the new Chief of Staff, John Kelly is “Treating Donald Trump like a mushroom. Keeping him in the dark, and feeding him sh*t.” This is true. Although the president does not seem to much like his new diet, the Pentagon has been making sure he sticks to it.

Not many people are happy with Donald Trump. Earlier this week, when North Korea fired a missile over Japan, he burst into his tough talk rhetoric, taking to Twitter with the message that “talking is not the answer” to the nuclear missile development of North Korea and the stress-filled standoff that comes with it.

However, Trump’s defense chief James Mattis was quick to contradict him. This has been happening to Trump a lot lately. He’s been increasingly isolated in a White House once filled with friends. People used to stop by the Oval Office, just to hang out. Now, they’ve got to have an official appointment, approved by Kelly.

Meanwhile, Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have partnered and pooled resources to investigate Paul Manafort and examine his financial ongoings, several people familiar with the matter told Politico.

 Since the US president is unable to pardon state crimes, this collaboration is probably an effort to pressure Manafort to cooperate in the broader Russia investigation under Mueller. Schneiderman can charge Manafort with a variety of state crimes, even if Trump did try and pardon him to spare him from questioning. He can hem him up directly. Many have felt that Manafort was the most direct key to all this. His house was raided last month, by the FBI.

Trump’s unusual pardon of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, issued before his federal case was even finished, has sparked a debate over whether the president could end Mueller’s Russia probe with a clean slate of preemptive pardons. The answer is probably yes- but only on the federal level. State prosecutors would then have the option to try the cases in their own courtrooms.

Given the circumstances, this is much more likely than usual. State prosecutors usually defer to federal ones, but given the likelihood of Trump attempting a ,mass-pardon of everyone involved, there’s a very good chance that in this case they will do just the opposite.

It is the opinion of Millennial Democrats that America needs to see justice done, before we’ll see closure on this. Closure here is big, because until we get it, we won’t have our faith in our government restored. Mueller is fighting to remind everybody that America’s been great all along. We never needed the help of Donald Trump.

We never needed Donald Trump’s brand name all over stuff we already had. We accepted him, and made room for him, even though it was widely known that he was New York’s most obnoxious celebrity– which ranked him high among the populace of Earth in general. But we never needed him. We never asked him to come along and start making us great. Trump can hardly spell great; in fact, even the very typing of his slogan has become too oppressive a burden for him. He sent out a self-pitying tweet this morning, informing us all that all he wants to do, is MAGA! As in Israeli martial arts?

Trump is mired so deeply in his own person, that he isn’t stopping at all to consider how much harm he is doing the country. We have been divided right to the bone by his election. Particularly since the Charlottesville incident, there has been unrest and violence nationwide. It has been a blow to our stability that we haven’t felt the like of since Vietnam. And regardless of who they blame it on, everyone is feeling the pinch. Even his own supporters, usually loyal as a pack of dogs, used words like “Outrageous”, “Let Down,”, and “Disappointed’, when speaking to a focus group in Pittsburgh Tuesday night. According to a recent Fox News poll, 56% of voters in general feel that he’s tearing the country apart.


Like the recent disaster that was Hurricane Harvey, the real challenge- that of cleanup and recovery- has not even had a chance to begin yet. We’re still not quite through with even the first semester of this infant presidency. The way things are going now, it’s not looking good for him. Even Mitch McConnell privately speculated recently as to whether or not Trump could save his job.

He’s still in power for now, though, and until Mueller finishes, he has the capacity to do a lot of damage with it. The best hope we have for maintaining order in the meantime is John Kelly, but Trump is already unhappy with him. Although the circus our executive branch has resembled since January has at least now been restricted to rings, Trump feels that he is being managed, by an old fuddy-duddy who his old loyalists do not much like. They derisively call the old gentleman “Kelly the church lady”, considering him strict and morally superior.

“He’s having a very hard time,” one friend who spoke with Trump this week said of the president. “He doesn’t like how Kelly’s handling him.”

The President of the United States of America, has been reduced to sneaking phone calls to Steve Bannon– when Kelly’s not around. How did it come to this?


Total Eclipse Of Trump- John Kelly Runs The Show.


Politics in America were given a sardonically iconic moment today, as a picture of President Trump staring happily into the sun while watching today’s total eclipse, an event so rare that it only happens once every hundred years. Back in Washington, however, an eclipse of a completely different nature is also moving right along. There’s a new sheriff in town at the White House

General John Kelly, who’s been sent in to hold Trump’s hand until Special Investigator Robert Mueller can finish proving he deserves to be impeached, has been doing a decent job teaching kindergarten. This does no credit at all to Trump, who has forced this upon the rest of the government by turning the White House into a circus tent.

By placing into real power the likes of former White House Easter Bunny Sean “Spicey” Spicer, ridiculous buffoon Anthony “Scaramouche” Scaramucci, and the walking debauchery Steve Bannon, Trump has badly discredited himself, in the eyes of virtually everyone other than his ever-faithful base.

Several hours ago, less than three days from the end of his tenure in the Trump administration, Bannon gleefully declared his intention to “weaponize” Mueller’s investigation, by pressuring Reince ” Fly-Killer” Priebus- the warrior Priebus- to testify against Jared Kushner as to his participation in the 2016 Russian election hacking. It is the opinion of Millennial Democrats that the squabbling of satraps does not belong in the Oval Office, and one does not grow nostalgic at the thought of it.

Most of us have been screaming for years that if Trump were actually elected, we were headed for trouble. Before Trump took office, the majority of Americans never once thought he was qualified to hold the job. It was easy to predict that if Trump attempted to manage the White House the way he had his campaign, based on fly-by-night decisions made with very little forethought or planning, there would be cataclysmic results.

It is an unescapable fact that the Trump administration is broken. It can’t fulfill a single one of Trump’s campaign promises; in the first 100 days, it broke 80 of them.  It came into being that way. It has proven to the world at every turn that it can’t do anything right.

Its executive orders have been unenforceable, not to mention morally repugnant, not that this stopped Trump from actually boasting that he’s issued more of them than any president since Truman. That is true, and it’s also true they’ve all been failures. It also failed to repeal Obamacare, even with Republicans in control of every branch of government.

In a functional White House, a strong chief of staff who can execute the president’s agenda and tell him what he does not want to hear is one of the most essential components for success. None of that was going to be possible under Reince Priebus, who had neither the experience nor the personal charisma needed for the job. John Kelly would have been a great choice at the beginning and he’s a credit to the office now- but it is still far too little, far too late.

Trump will be Trump. after all. His handling of the Charlottesville tragedy, and the worldwide condemnation his remarks on Heather Heyer’s brutal murder earned him suggests strongly that he doesn’t intend on changing any more now than he ever has. Kelly seemed to realize this several days ago, when he was photographed grimacing and staring at the ground during last Tuesday’s press conference at which those comments were made. Kelly is said to have been “frustrated” with the President’s handling of questions. Mr Trump reportedly “went rogue“. So were we.

Bill Kristol, editor-at-large of the Weekly Standard, said on Saturday that he considers it “The hope of all reasonable people” that John Kelly and H.R. McMaster will “run” the White House, and until the midterms come, this seems like a logical conclusion. Nuclear war with North Korea, for example, certainly seems less likely under the advice of McMaster than with Bannon. There is no doubt that this branch of the administration has proven itself less chaotic than the others. Hopefully they’ll do well at holding Trump’s hand, until the day he is forced to resign.

Both millennial and other voters will need to show up at the polls, in record numbers. We will make possible a Democratic comeback, turn the Congress blue, and start to clean this mess up. We are the only ones who have the power to stop all this from going any further.

Even when eclipsed and waning, Trump is still extremely dangerous. He has proven himself both ruthless and reckless enough to continually try for desperate measures of distraction, like when he tried randomly to ban transgender soldiers from the military last month. Every minute he’s still in office, is a minute that the country is considerably more at risk than it would ordinarily be. Having this sort of stress applied daily to the system of the human body leaves it vulnerable to infection and at greater risk for illnesses. This may also be true for human society.It’s incumbent upon us all to pitch in and bring this thing to its conclusion.