Berniecrats Forget Who To Fight, Attack Democrat J.B. Pritzker in IL Governor Race.

We're with J.B. Pritzker and all real Democrats.

So-called progressives are getting together all over the country, hijacking local chapters of the Democratic Party. They are attacking our candidates everywhere.

There has never been a set of midterms so crucial. Everyone on every side knows this. The best chance we’ve got of getting rid of Donald Trump before 2020, except maybe for the 25th Amendment, is to turn the Congress blue. The guys we’ve got in there now would never have impeached Nixon. We need Democrats in the legislative branch to impeach Trump. Period.

Our electoral road to success is an uphill battle. Twenty-five Senate Democrats are up for reelection this year, for example, as opposed to only eight of the reds. A plausible path to control of the Senate has arisen since Doug Jones’ stunning upset of the perverse Roy Moore, but it’s still going to be very hard.

In spite of all this, there’s a certain element in the party that refuses to care about any of this, and instead insist on fighting their own people.

I saw a good point in an article today about progressive energy at the local level; awesome. It takes us all. Working together, and not against each other. It’s not about rejecting progressive ideas; we’re all progressives. The 2016 platform was progressive to a magnificent degree. Time to start focusing on the positives and putting the past to bed.

It’s insane to have a primary where Democrats are fighting each other in a year when every cent is needed so desperately to fight the real enemy. Anyone who is forcing us to waste time and money thus, and worsening the interparty divide in the process, should be viewed as extremely suspect.

Take the Justice Democrats, for example. They were the first ones to howl for Al Franken’s blood.

Take also this situation with J.B. Pritzker. He’s the Illinois billionaire who’s running as a Democrat against Bruce Rauner down there. Someone dug up old audio on him, talking to Rod Blagojevich ten years ago about who the best guy to fill Obama’s Senate seat would be.
He made some very unpleasant, stupid, racist, ugly remarks about black folks. There is no doubt his comments were repugnant. It always sucks when people sound off like morons and get themselves into trouble.
But- Let’s face it! A lot of guys have talked that way behind closed doors. You can’t chase all the Democrats who ever talked like a pig out of office, without handing over the reins of power to a much worse set of swine. As soon as Bernie Sanders resigns for his essays on rape fantasy, then we’ll talk.
Bernie Sanders, of course, is the name constantly invoked by finger-waggling naysayers, who are now all crowing like roosters at the dirt that has been dug up. Pritzker’s primary opponents are standing right alongside the governor, Bruce Rauner, who is a truly despicable human being. They are adding their attacks as fuel to the fire, even though they know they are doing no good to anyone except Bruce Rauner. 
This sort of blind attachment to unrealistic purity standards has left to a rift in the Democratic Party.
Accusations of an “inevitable” candidate. Accusations of a rigged primary. Opponents who lack any hope of defeating the absolute villain who’ll be stinking up the seat of power adding their fuel to his fire, attacking the one person who can, the Democratic candidate.

The Illinois Democratic primary for governor sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential primary campaign, which didn’t end up well for us, or for the country, or for the entire human race.

Evoking Sen. Bernie Sanders, Pritzker’s top competitors whine that they’ve been elbowed out at every turn by party insiders.

“The establishment that’s supporting Pritzker wants us to not worry about Pritzker’s electability” in a general election, said Sen. Daniel Biss.

A great rebuttal was offered at a meeting of Sangamon County Democrats last week, Bill Houlihan, who is an elected member of the Democratic State Central Committee, said he wanted Biss to quit giving fodder to Republicans as he criticizes a rival.

“Dan Biss has been sending out some emails that I think are hurtful to the Democratic Party and J.B.Pritzker, and I think we need to shut that down as soon as possible,” Houlihan said.

J.B. Pritzker is funding his own campaign. He’s been on an apology tour for the last week. He’s been going all over the place, taking accountability for the awful words of his mouth, and showing people his plans to make up for it with concrete plans and actions. Why is it up to anyone else, to relentlessly savage him for that?

The Black Women of Illinois Forum accepted his request to allow him to come there and speak. If it’s good enough for them, it ought to be good enough for everybody.

But this is typical. It’s been going on all over the country with increasing frequency. And the pattern is always the same. Unknown candidates from the far left joining forces with Republicans to slander our candidates and when possible, gathering and attacking like hyenas to eliminate and replace them.

One noteworthy example is Howard Katz, a former Riverside County Democratic Party chairman who was sneakily voted out of the top leadership spot by Bernie Sanders supporters this last October. He moved across town, and they lied and said the rules said they could not call for another election.

Many who cast votes against Katz did so to deliver up a victory for the Sanders wing of the party.

His replacement, one Steve Ruth, made the following statement after his election.

“I think there’s room for everyone — for the people who’ve been around a long time and the Democratic structure,” he said. “But we also need to open our arms to the new people, many of whom are ‘Berniecrats.’”

Berniecrats have been gathering secretly in packs, then making sneaky moves to co-opt us at the local levels. It’s enough to make you sick, especially considering how often Bernie’s chosen candidates have lost since that terrible November.

In order for progressive ideas to be realized, we’ve got to be in power. Nobody’s talking about Medicare for All these days. They’re holding onto Obamacare for dear life.

Millennial Democrats have no use whatsoever for radicals who get in the way of their own causes through stubbornness and irascibility. We also have no use for those who turn their backs when the going gets tough. We see right through the hijacking attempt that’s going on and we’re speaking up about it. And we are asking for your help to raise awareness.

This is not the first time that the far right has used the far left to manipulate the national dialectic. But if Trump and Putin get their way, it may very well be the last. We’re going to have to stand for a lot worse, before it’s all been said and done.

We realize that our leaders are not perfect. We expect Mr. Pritzker to do better in the future, and we will not speak on his behalf in this matter again. In the name of coalition, however, and for the good of the country, we think it best to forgive him and move forward. Should we refuse, it will only be the enemy who benefits.

Just the same, J.B., you’d better hustle on that apology tour. Not cool, man.


No Wall, No Government, and a Presidential Tantrum.


The Washington Post published an op-ed piece today, asking this question- How unstable and divorced from reality is President Trump? It seems natural to wonder, especially after Tuesday’s ranting rally.  America has the right and the need to know.

It’s true that Fox News did a counterpiece, giving the opinion that the president is “stone cold sane”. But one wonders- What conservative news organization would have thought it necessary to write such an article about Reagan? Is it usually necessary, to insist upon the sanity of solid and reliable people? What would be the point?

We’re out of orbit here, folks. A great deal of this is completely new to everyone. None of us have been accustomed to asking such questions about our presidents. We don’t know how to even begin a formal inquiry into a president’s mental health, and this has led to many attempts to rationalize his aberrant behavior. It is the nature of the human mind to try and sort things out and make them orderly. It’s a sad fact of life that this often cannot be done.

It is also a sad fact of life that when people try and make themselves stupider than they normally are, they nearly always succeed. So it is that an alarming number of people have fooled themselves in to thinking this is all part of some subtle strategy, when every conceivable evidence has been given to the contrary. Maya Angelou wrote, “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

Trump has not only shown us, he has forced it down our throats on a worldwide and daily basis. This says a lot about the state of mind the country’s people are in. Ideological polarity has now reached a level, where radicals will willfully blind themselves to almost anything, in the name of a cause they can hardly define. Finding a way to effectively counter and combat this woeful, deliberate ignorance will be our fundamental task moving forward.

This has led to us Democrats being given a significant opening in Trump’s threatened vow to shut down the government, if he doesn’t soon get money for his border wall.

Democrats value order and decency above all else, and are not so small-minded as to wish the government mired in chaos for the sake of political expediency. However, if Trump does decide to cause some sort of governmental interruption, of course all the blame will belong to him. Likewise, we will be called upon to be stolid and brave in the face of a very difficult task in cleaning that mess up. Should the public then choose to honor us for our earnest attempts at good service, it is the opinion of Millennial Democrats that we would not be undeserving.

Past government shutdowns have not been a hit among Americans. We seem to be unhappy when the trains fail to run on time, and not without cause, since our collective hard work is what allows for their existence. On Capitol Hill, they’ve got a clever euphemism for bringing national operations to a halt, in the name of partisan causes. They call it a “Spending Gap”. Since the modern congressional budgeting process took effect in 1976, there have been a total of seventeen separate government shutdowns, which have caused us to grind to a halt for 110 combined days since that time.

However, instead of using his touted skills as a dealmaker, Trump has spent most of the past few weeks, taunting and denigrating the Republican leaders he will need to pass through his agenda. Mitch McConnell in particular will be responsible for the navigating of the fiscal obstacles involved.

On Thursday, the president again undercut McConnell as well as Speaker Paul D. Ryan over his proposed maneuver to raise the debt limit by tying it to a popular veteran benefits bill.

“Could have been so easy — now a mess!” the president tweeted..

All of this keeps leading to a flood of resignations. It would seem that the swamp is draining itself. The White House’s rapid response director left his job on Monday, the latest in a swath of departures by high-ranking aides, Politico reported late Thursday.

Andy Hemming left the White House after what White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called a “mutual decision that he could best help promote the president’s agenda on the outside. It’s part of a trend of resignations and cancellations and withdrawn endorsements that have rained down upon Trump in a torrent, since his awful comments about the Charlottesville riots that claimed Heather Heyer’s life.

A man named Theo Wilson recently went undercover as a white supremacist for the number of months since just before the inauguration of Trump. The conclusions that he brought back are interesting. The social forces that make racism commonplace aren’t going away anytime soon. For example, just weeks after being hired, four key members of Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s communications team have resigned in the wake of the Republican’s confusing response to a political cartoon depicting a black child begging a white man for money.

Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the Democratic leader, said on Thursday that “With the White House, House and Senate under one-party control, the American people expect and deserve a plan from Republicans to avert a catastrophic default and ensure the full faith and credit of the United States. With so much at risk for hard-working families, Republicans need to stop the chaos and sort themselves out in a hurry.” However, it’s clear that’s not going to happen anytime soon. #RiseAndOrganize.