Trump Circle in Mueller Meltdown! Kushner’s Clearance Cut, Hicks Quits

Mueller Meltdown

A slew of gigantic developments have stormed America this week in the Russiagate investigation. Even as these words were being written, a Belorussian sex worker being held in a Thai jail has offered to tie Trump to Russia, saying she’s the only one who can complete the chain, and that she’s in fear for her life from Putin.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Trump was thinking of firing the Special Counsel Robert Mueller last summer, and today, we were given an avalanche of reasons why.

CNN reported this morning that Mueller is asking witnesses about Trump’s business connections in Russia from before the election. And this afternoon, NBC reports that Mueller has been asking members of the Trump inner circle whether he knew about Russian hacking of Democratic emails.

Earlier this week, Mike Rogers, our current CIA director, warned the nation that Trump has literally not given him permission to do anything to prevent the Russian efforts geared at hacking the new elections.

It was also confirmed recently that the Russians penetrated voter data in seven states at least and targeted at least 21. Still, though, Trump refuses to admit it’s anything but a hoax. This is crazy. We need to start cleaning house before it’s too late

Yet another White House Communications Director, Hope Hicks, has resigned, the day after she testified to the House Intelligence Committee that she “tells white lies” for Trump.

Maybe the biggest news, however, is that chief of staff John Kelly has downgraded the top secret security clearance for Jared Kushner. Reports have recently emerged that Kelly has grown frustrated with Ivanka’s role in the Oval Office as well. But the most surprising thing is that Trump just sat there and took it.

It would seem that a pivotal moment is at hand.

The whole reason Kelly was brought in, to begin with, is that Trump hired a whole Cabinet full of freaks.

He had his zaniest Apprentice Omarosa Manigault– who had to be dragged out, kicking and screaming, but now seems happy to be gone- just wandering around the halls of the White House.

Sean “Spicey” Spicer, the favorite target of Saturday Night Live, was the most ridiculous person in the world. It is the opinion of Millennial Democrats that there has never been a man so frequently mocked.

His successor, Anthony Scaramucci, lasted only days, in the meantime adding to American history a blistering torrent of obscenity, including the choice phrase, “I’m not Steve Bannon! I’m not trying to s*** my own c***!”

Speaking of Steve Bannon, Trump himself called him “Sloppy Steve”. The National Security Council was not the right place for him. Based on his choice of a sobriquet, Trump knew it. But even still, that’s where he put him.

It is the recommendation of Millennial Democrats that you DO NOT Google the term, “Sloppy Steve”. Don’t ask.

Trump even tried to give the chairmanship of the National Endowments for the Arts to Sylvester Stallone. To his credit, Stallone refused the job, although retrospectively he was more qualified by far than the average Trump flunky. It’s a wonder Scott Baio wasn’t given the job instead. Charles In Charge, man. You don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Trump makes his decisions according to who he likes. Who his family is, who his buddies are. It’s called nepotism, and it used to be a crime.

At any rate, the next thing to come out was that at least four countries have been licking their chops at Kushner for a long time, actively planning how to profit from manipulating him. Current and former U.S. administrative representatives spoke based on intelligence reports about the matter.

Officials in the United Arab EmiratesChinaIsrael and Mexico privately discussed how their nations could benefit from Kushner’s international business dealings and lack of government experience, unnamed sources told the Washington Post.

Before becoming a White House senior adviser, Kushner ran his family real-estate firm Kushner Companies. In that capacity, Kushner went all over the place to court foreign financing.

Apparently, the naive and thirsty conduct he exhibited while hunting around for investors made him appear “particularly manipulable” in the eyes of U.A.E. officials, for instance, said the Post.

There are concerns in the halls of government that Kushner was “naive and being tricked” in his conversations with foreign officials.

Remember how Kushner offered a secret backdoor channel of communications to Sergey Lavrov, the Russian ambassador? It is said that Lavrov was visibly shocked at the sheer naivete.

It all goes to show why Russia worked so hard on this. The whole world is eating lunch off us right now.

In the rest of the world, everyone knew what Democrats were trying so hard to tell American citizens, namely, that Trump is a slob and a fool, dangerously incompetent, and as unfit to hold office as a sewer rat.

They knew if he were elected, he would constantly bungle, and that America would be weakened horribly because of it. They knew that if people were stupid enough to fall for Trump over here, it’s because we have become dangerously weak and indolent. And even though that isn’t true of most of us, as evidenced by the three million more votes Hillary Clinton got than Donald Trump did, it is nevertheless how we are being perceived.

When you’re perceived as weak, you’ll be constantly tested to see to what extent you’ll give up and give in. That is what Russia is doing now, and they are not alone. Many other countries are joining right in, and why wouldn’t they? America has got all the money.

This is the world market. Of course others would like to be in our shoes. But national interest isn’t even being considered.

It’s all a very, very big and huge sign that things are very wrong, in Donald Trump’s America. Very.

This concerns us all. It’s a slippery slope leading right to the end of our position of world leadership if we’re not careful. We’re in trouble on many different levels right now, and all of them are based on a steady attack on our nation’s institutions by its own president.

National interest demands the removal of these people before things get any worse.


Total Eclipse Of Trump- John Kelly Runs The Show.


Politics in America were given a sardonically iconic moment today, as a picture of President Trump staring happily into the sun while watching today’s total eclipse, an event so rare that it only happens once every hundred years. Back in Washington, however, an eclipse of a completely different nature is also moving right along. There’s a new sheriff in town at the White House

General John Kelly, who’s been sent in to hold Trump’s hand until Special Investigator Robert Mueller can finish proving he deserves to be impeached, has been doing a decent job teaching kindergarten. This does no credit at all to Trump, who has forced this upon the rest of the government by turning the White House into a circus tent.

By placing into real power the likes of former White House Easter Bunny Sean “Spicey” Spicer, ridiculous buffoon Anthony “Scaramouche” Scaramucci, and the walking debauchery Steve Bannon, Trump has badly discredited himself, in the eyes of virtually everyone other than his ever-faithful base.

Several hours ago, less than three days from the end of his tenure in the Trump administration, Bannon gleefully declared his intention to “weaponize” Mueller’s investigation, by pressuring Reince ” Fly-Killer” Priebus- the warrior Priebus- to testify against Jared Kushner as to his participation in the 2016 Russian election hacking. It is the opinion of Millennial Democrats that the squabbling of satraps does not belong in the Oval Office, and one does not grow nostalgic at the thought of it.

Most of us have been screaming for years that if Trump were actually elected, we were headed for trouble. Before Trump took office, the majority of Americans never once thought he was qualified to hold the job. It was easy to predict that if Trump attempted to manage the White House the way he had his campaign, based on fly-by-night decisions made with very little forethought or planning, there would be cataclysmic results.

It is an unescapable fact that the Trump administration is broken. It can’t fulfill a single one of Trump’s campaign promises; in the first 100 days, it broke 80 of them.  It came into being that way. It has proven to the world at every turn that it can’t do anything right.

Its executive orders have been unenforceable, not to mention morally repugnant, not that this stopped Trump from actually boasting that he’s issued more of them than any president since Truman. That is true, and it’s also true they’ve all been failures. It also failed to repeal Obamacare, even with Republicans in control of every branch of government.

In a functional White House, a strong chief of staff who can execute the president’s agenda and tell him what he does not want to hear is one of the most essential components for success. None of that was going to be possible under Reince Priebus, who had neither the experience nor the personal charisma needed for the job. John Kelly would have been a great choice at the beginning and he’s a credit to the office now- but it is still far too little, far too late.

Trump will be Trump. after all. His handling of the Charlottesville tragedy, and the worldwide condemnation his remarks on Heather Heyer’s brutal murder earned him suggests strongly that he doesn’t intend on changing any more now than he ever has. Kelly seemed to realize this several days ago, when he was photographed grimacing and staring at the ground during last Tuesday’s press conference at which those comments were made. Kelly is said to have been “frustrated” with the President’s handling of questions. Mr Trump reportedly “went rogue“. So were we.

Bill Kristol, editor-at-large of the Weekly Standard, said on Saturday that he considers it “The hope of all reasonable people” that John Kelly and H.R. McMaster will “run” the White House, and until the midterms come, this seems like a logical conclusion. Nuclear war with North Korea, for example, certainly seems less likely under the advice of McMaster than with Bannon. There is no doubt that this branch of the administration has proven itself less chaotic than the others. Hopefully they’ll do well at holding Trump’s hand, until the day he is forced to resign.

Both millennial and other voters will need to show up at the polls, in record numbers. We will make possible a Democratic comeback, turn the Congress blue, and start to clean this mess up. We are the only ones who have the power to stop all this from going any further.

Even when eclipsed and waning, Trump is still extremely dangerous. He has proven himself both ruthless and reckless enough to continually try for desperate measures of distraction, like when he tried randomly to ban transgender soldiers from the military last month. Every minute he’s still in office, is a minute that the country is considerably more at risk than it would ordinarily be. Having this sort of stress applied daily to the system of the human body leaves it vulnerable to infection and at greater risk for illnesses. This may also be true for human society.It’s incumbent upon us all to pitch in and bring this thing to its conclusion.