MD DissectFake

Welcome to MD DissectFake! This project will be our contribution to the worldwide anti-disinformation campaign.

This section of the blog will focus on the examining and reverse-engineering of Russian and Republican propaganda. There will be more of this to come. Russian ads alone reached over 120 million on Facebook this year. Even Pokemon Go became a weapon in their hands. 

By thinking critically and staying alert, however, we can spot these things as they come. We can dismantle them, dissect them, and lay bare their innards to the light.  In this manner, we will come to see how they work.

Our job is to expose lies and bear witness. Then we hold them up as examples of the dis-ingenuity of our opponents.

We are therefore asking our readers to send us information on any site, article, Group, Page, thread, and chat that one might consider suspect. Fake news is useful once it’s captured and experimented on. Help us find some specimens.