Free WHOIS Lookup Tool – Track Down Public Registration Info Now

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The WHOIS tool allows you to get a domain name’s public registration information.




Enter one of the following into the text box:

  • A domain name
  • An IPv4 address (eg,
  • A Base-10 IP address.

If you’re providing a Base-10 IP address, check the Convert Base-10 to IP box.

Click Go!

When to Use It

You can use the WHOIS tool to:

  • Find out who owns a domain
  • Get the contact information for the domain owner
  • See when the registration information was last updated
  • Find out the status of a domain (eg, active, expired, available)
  • Find the domain’s DNS servers.

You may not use WHOIS to gather information for the purposes of spamming.

What It Does

The WHOIS tool sends an inquiry to a WHOIS server to get information about the domain. The specific server to which we send your request depends on the top-level domain in your query. If you provide a domain with a .com or .net extension, the query goes to If you provide an IP address, the tool will do a reverse DNS lookup to get the associated domain name.

Data Models

Requests for WHOIS information follow the WHOIS protocol that’s specified in RFC 3912. Domain registries can follow a thin or thick data model (the .com and .net TLDs use the thin model). Both models include:

  • Information about the registrar
  • Domain status
  • Creation and expiration dates
  • Name server data
  • Date the record was last updated.

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