Election Day 2020 – Donald Trump is Lying and GUILTY, See You Soon!

Guys, it’s been forever since I’ve seen you, my apologies. 2nd Place Donald has come on TV just now and made a false victory speech, so I must use what little influence I possess to fight his lies, one last time. I don’t know if you believe in astrology; I don’t recommend it but I can’t disprove it; either way, the Mercury retrograde officially ended an hour ago. The election had NOT ENDED when ol’ Second-Place Trubba called the night in his favor. I am in the process of releasing the culmination of five years research, a new political spectrum theory that goes much further into hammering out why our politics as a species changes and how it evolves than its predecessors, e.g. linear and Horseshoe Theory, and by tomorrow you will have it. 

In the meantime, pass this around EVERYWHERE YOU CAN tonight – TRUMP IS LYING! BIDEN IS IN THE LEAD! They’ll be keeping track of it all night. At the time of Trubba’s lie-speech, the votes tallies looked exactly like this one below, courtest of the WordPress Visualizer plugin and RealClearPolitics. Biden is WINNING, and will probably win.

I have been in a tough spot politically this year. Gathering evidence on the Russian interference into US elections, I still took it for granted the guiltiest person involved would be Trump. It wasn’t. Trump is guilty, yes. But the truly guilty one is BERNIE SANDERS. Our suggestion is, turn off the counters for a few hours and watch some other TV. There will be no REAL news until tomorrow morning, and certainly no victory speeches. When the day closed, it was Biden and not Trump who was in the lead by double-digit delegates.

Here’s where we were the last few hours. Biden was winning. Trump’s speech was another disgraceful lie.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not sleeping. So we suggest you stop by Channel E.O.N. on YouTube and learn some other things you need to know. I’d have published this sooner, but man, I didn’t want to let Trump slip out of the barrel. He is guilty as a mother-thumper. He actively colluded and is doing so right now. We’ll get into it more when I show you Zero Theory, tomorrow whenever it gets calm enough. 

I love you people, man. See you soon.

There are links below of the newest MD project, Channel E.O.N. 

Bernie@ymailSpiderfoot https://youtu.be/GLxIGLK3I7w via @YouTube

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