Millennial Democrats

Introducing Truth in Vision Tech Corps- Disinformation Files.

A bright moon rises over icy seas Pseudo-B&W picture rendered in Terragen 0.8 and converted and captioned in Photoshop 7.0.1. Source is 24-bit bitmap at 1024 x 768. Windows XP doesn't suck at graphics nearly as much as people whine it does.


Central to any attempt at education is a well-rooted philosophy, grounded in good common sense and solid reasoning. Our research and development staff are second to none, which has allowed us to compete successfully against far larger franchises and lay valid claim to being anti-disinformation specialists. We have data on this going back many years which are headed to the site very soon; I wish you all enjoyment and edification both while reading up on it all. You’ll find you can stay busy. via Disinformation Files


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