Bernie Sanders, Anti-Capitalist Crusader, Is A Millionaire.

Bernie Sanders is a millionaire, we found out yesterday.

A millionaire. Bernie.

Man of the little people, champion of the working class, prince among average Joe’s, and so on, Bernie Sanders is a millionaire.

Let that sink in for a minute. This is the same guy who insisted Hillary Clinton was “too insulated” by her vast wealth to be able to connect to the voters. In the wonky world of Bernieland 2016, having done well for yourself was little short of a crime, and certainly should preclude you from participating in your political system. He refused to show his tax returns back then because it would have crushed this narrative, although those who were involved in the process of vetting Bernie certainly were aware that he was worth over a million even back then.

Weeks after Bernie lost, while he was still moping over the landslide defeat he suffered at the hands of the Clinton machine, he decided to console himself with a $700,000 house on the scenic shores of Lake Champlain.

How many working people do you know who can afford to do that?

Actually, working-class hero Bernie never even had a job at all before age forty. The position he applied to required an election. The first time Bernie was ever on a payroll, it was as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

That was also the first time he ever voted. He boasted about it in an old interview with Vermont college newspaper The Gadfly.

Bernie Sanders never voted, until the day he could vote for himself.
Bernie Sanders never voted, until the day he could vote for himself.

When taken as a whole, a neutral observer will not be able to avoid raising an eyebrow at the sheer hypocrisy required to claim you’re a member of a people when you have thumbed your nose at everything we do.

Bernard Sanders rejects everything. There is not a thing in American culture that he does not drag through the mud. We can look at literally any aspect of his life for a few examples

Fashion standards are out; see that blue clown suit he wears around.

The term “Progressive“, when applied by him, means nothing to do with making progress. It means being grumpy and inflexible.

Our system of government is worthless, broken, and without value, where Bernie is concerned. He wants to smash it all to pieces and rebuild the remnants in his own image, like other socialists like Josef Stalin have done, and he points to Norway and Sweden as the reason why. It’s just unbelievable.

He knows perfectly well there’s no such thing as socialism in Norway and Sweden, but he deliberately clouds the issue by switching around the words in “Social Democracy” (a highly viable and effective form of government), conflating it with his beloved “Democratic Socialism” (a nonexistent wish list and Stalin), because he knows Americans rightly abhor socialism and that throwing around the word will cause arguments and rancor.

Then he’ll get to be the center of attention. We all know a hipster or two who goes around talking about the “masses”, meaning anyone he doesn’t think is as smart as him, which is everyone.

The president of Denmark straight up told him he didn’t understand their system. He also said to Bernie that he’d had enough of his socialist “slurs”. Unsurprisingly, Bernie ignored him. It’s the same as carrying around the proverbial picture of Chairman Mao. You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow, Bern. The Beatles tried to tell you.

It doesn’t matter what its merits are; if something is beloved of Americans, it’s worth taking a swipe at. That is why Bernie said that John Fitzgerald Kennedy made him nauseous.

Bernie loves, above all else, to attack the free market society that has paid for all the successes of America, which he resents because he hasn’t been part of it. He has always had a big inferiority complex because he had no real money, so all his life he has reviled and attacked those who do. That way, since he can’t join the ranks of the rich, he can at least make himself out to be above the whole distasteful struggle.

Quoth St. Bernard-

“This country does not survive morally, economically or politically when so few have so much, and so many have so little.” 

“It would, I think, be hard for anyone to make the case that the United States is a just society or anything close to a just society. In America today, there is massive injustice in terms of income and wealth inequality. Injustice is rampant.”

“There is no justice when so few have so much and so many have so little.”

What an unbelievable hypocrite.

It’s a big part of his schtick. Alone but unafraid, Saint Bernard the penniless ascetic prepares the rod of penance for the world. He’s done all right with it, too.

That is why he did not want us to see his tax returns.

Now that we know he’s a millionaire, it’s even more clear the guy is a fraud.

In 2016, Bernie had one big thing going for him. Nobody really knew who he was. People’s hatred of Hillary Clinton- who, in passing, also got most of her money, her “isolating millions“, from writing bestseller books-blinded them from looking very far past what he was saying to who he is.

That is in the past now. He no longer has poverty to shroud his incompetence with an air of holy piety. Without it, he loses the last claim he had to be something special or unique in Washington, and a much less pleasant fragrance accompanies him on the campaign trail.

Going forward, it will be up to us to remind everyone. Bernie said that Hillary’s millionaire status made her unfit to be president, knowing all the while he was a millionaire. His shamelessness and hypocrisy are boundless, and in that regard, he is no different from Trump. Hillary took her millions and started a foundation with them that now provides two-thirds of the AIDS vaccines available in the entire world.

We don’t require our leaders to live like monks, although we would not object if they did; do you, man. This is America. You can be who you want here. There’s nothing wrong at all with being a monk or a millionaire. What we do require is that they keep it real with us. Stop trying to mislead us, Bernie! You are behaving like a chickenhawk, leading astray the young! You’re not any different than Hillary Clinton except that you’re dishonest and less successful.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to lie to kick it.

A friend of mine wrote this for me, just as this article was going to publish, and the words felt so right I have decided to include them verbatim, as a blockquote, to finish up this piece with. With thanks to Ruth Satchfield of Texas.

“Why does Bernard Sanders disparage millionares and billionaires when he is one? The Gates, Clintons, Carters, Kennedys and many others have done a lot for this country and the world. They help fund research, food banks, heating for the poor in winter and clinics to give the poor health care. They are working to help Puerto Rico and Flint. What has Bernie done but rant and rave? He has the money, if he cares so much what is he doing? Where is his foundation to help the needy or the sick and starving? Where are the laws he has written and passed to help the poor and the middle class? Talk is cheap and that is all Bernie Sanders does.”

Well said, Ruth.

5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders, Anti-Capitalist Crusader, Is A Millionaire.

  1. Bernie wrote a best selling book in 2016. His million came from sales and royalties off that venture. He’s a crusader against Billionaires, not millionaires. One million seconds is 11.5 days. One billion seconds is 32.7 years. You obviously haven’t comprehended that major difference in your complaint. Also Bernie pays his taxes. Amazon paid $0 in taxes last year. Your argument is irrelevant

    1. Sounds good- only that’s not true! Hillary Clinton is no billionaire, just a regular millionaire like Bernie. Again like Bernie, she got her money largely from bestseller books. But Bernie ripped her up and down for that. He said her wealth “insulated” her from the people.

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