Hillary Clinton Nails It At Women Of the World Summit! Thank You, HRC.

Hillary Clinton has still got it.

Recently she gave a speech at Rutgers University. Her support for the cause was so strong that she all but spoke there for free.

Public interest was so gigantic that it had to be moved to a larger venue in response to initial demand, that the 6,500 available tickets were snapped up in 30 minutes, and that at the time of the speech’s start time more than 3,000 people were on a waitlist hoping they might get in.

This has been the strongest possible sign of the deep respect and love that Democrats hold dear for the Clintons. Center Democrats in their style have swept the country in a Blue Wave representative of all that we reject about Donald Trump. She is still the single greatest asset the DNC has to count on.

This as compared to the consistent failures enjoyed by far-left splinter groups, such as the Bernie Sanders-inspired political action committee, Our Revolution. One by one, the candidates endorsed by the extreme socialists have lost all their elections and primaries. 

It is clear as day which branch of the party the people have chosen, and because of this, it will probably be a very long time before we mention these people again. They are not news, and we harbor no wish to help them stay relevant.

Hillary spoke again at the Ida B. Wells Legacy Committee in Chicago, on April 13th. She was the keynote speaker at the Women of the World Summit meeting, which was designed to serve as a voice for New Yorkers in the aftermath of #MeToo.

The panel-based event at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater focused on a variety of crucial women’s issues, spanning from pay inequality to sexual misconduct to human trafficking.

Afterwards, Tina Brown, the event founder, summed it up with a new career suggestion for the former presidential candidate. “That was amazing, like brain sex. You’ve found your next career, Hillary,” she said, implying a future talk show. “Brain Sex with Hillary Clinton.”

At this event, HRC blew it out of the water every time she spoke, but she chose not to dominate the conversation,  rather acting mostly as a guide and allowing the younger women to develop their own ideas.

Wise elders know that they need to give their pupils firm guidance, but also plenty of room to grow; this Millennial Democrats contributor has been fortunate enough to have wonderful teachers. To our parents and mentors, the baby boomers, I will simply say thank you.

And that is exactly what America is starting to say to Hillary Clinton, who has been a great teacher to us all.

We do have an election in November this year,” she said at the Ida B. Wells Legacy Committee. “There are lessons we can all take away. When you are confronting the potential loss of the values you care about: your freedom, your equality. Do not be quiet. Do not stop talking. Do not stop voting. Do not give in to those whose views are opposite of yours. Keep the conversation going to make sure strong men don’t send us back. We’re not going.”

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