Bernie Attacks Obama For MLK’s 50th! Calls Democrats Failures.

Bernie Sanders is at it again. This guy never quits. He’s like a zombie on the Walking Dead.

This time, he has triggered a backlash by verbally savaging Barack Obama on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King.

The senator for Vermont went after the first black US President as he branded the Democratic Party a “failure”.

Here’s Bernie, speaking in Jackson, Mississippi.

“The business model, if you like, of the Democratic Party for the last 15 years or so has been a failure,’ said the Vermont Senator.

“People sometimes don’t see that because there was a charismatic individual named Barack Obama. He was obviously an extraordinary candidate, brilliant guy. But beyond that reality…”

Sanders’ comments were immediately called out as being “patronizing” and “deplorable”, but he wasn’t finished yet.

He then went on to say that Democrats had lost a record number of legislative seats.

Unbelievable! Even the likes of Corey Lewandowski are waxing biblical about how many seats we’ve taken back from the GOP since Trump was elected.

“The Democrats are highly motivated,” Lewandowski told the crowd at Dolphin Aviation.

“They are winning elections in places where they shouldn’t. We’ve seen them win state House races in Wisconsin. We’ve seen them win big mayor’s races in New Hampshire. Fifty seats have already changed hands from the Republicans to the Democrats since Donald Trump was elected.”

Politifact points out that as of February the actual number of recaptured seats was 39, but the trend is clear as day- to everyone except Bernie Sanders, the perpetual sour grape.

He’s always there to run down anything we do and to make light of all our accomplishments. That’s what you do when you haven’t got anything of your own.

Next time we need a post office renamed, Senator Sanders, we’ll give you a call.

In reality, of course, it’s Bernie’s pets that can’t win an election, and why? Because his endorsement is like the kiss of death!

Just in the first few post-election months, Sanders formally endorsed candidates in many different races.

Keith Ellison for chair of the Democratic National Committee, James Thompson for U.S. Representative, Tom Perriello for the position of VA Governor, Heath Mello for Omaha Mayor, Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla for Los Angeles School Board, as well as Rob Quist for US Representative.

Every candidate lost, and that trend has continued. Jon Ossoff of Georgia nearly won, and might have, if Sanders hadn’t waited until the last minute to endorse him, and had he not sneeringly referred to him as “no true progressive.”

The guy was 29, and had never held office before. Just how much chance had he received, to make any progress?

Bernie, you didn’t even vote until you were 40! And that was for yourself!

 In addition, a group created to continue the progress Sanders made in the 2016 primaries called “Our Revolution” endorsed 25 candidates that lost their 2017 elections and only endorsed 12 winning candidates, giving the group a 32 percent success rating.
And yet he wants to point the finger, labeling us as unsuccessful. If that’s true, Bernie, then why have real Democrats kicked the can with your boys, all the way around the whole country?
That fact always seems to get ignored, though, as do most facts in the wonky world of Bernieland.
Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. It all comes down to that. Everything he does makes perfect sense, once you’ve considered that he isn’t on our side. This attack on President Obama, who gave us the best eight years that anyone in the world could have, is certainly disgusting. But it’s hardly the first time.
In 2016, the primary started out well enough. Both sides were respectful and willing to dialogue. Both agreed that they had more in common than not, and that the entire thing basically amounted to a quarrel between family.
We had a passionate, issues-focused, ideologically driven primary. It exemplified all that is right with the American political system. Everything was going fine.

Then Bernie started losing.

April was the turning month. On the seventh, he reviled Hillary Clinton in a speech in Philadelphia, calling her “unqualified” to be President, a blatantly sexist and stupid thing to say. It drew him a monstrous backlash from across the country, and from that day forward things began to change.

By July it was too late. His overzealous devotees rioted in the streets of Philadelphia, over a lot of nothing contained in criminally acquired documents dumped by the Russian mouthpiece Wikileaks, and the rift thus torn was permanent.
It has continued to widen, ever since.
So-called progressives have continued getting together all over the country, hijacking local chapters of the Democratic Party. They are attacking our candidates everywhere.

There has never been a set of midterms so crucial. Everyone on every side knows this. The best chance we’ve got of getting rid of Donald Trump before 2020, except maybe for the 25th Amendment, is to turn the Congress blue.

In spite of all this, there’s a certain element in the party that refuses to care, and insists instead on fighting their own people.

When Bernie Sanders reviled Barack Obama the other day, he made it clear he’s still wanting to lead the charge. Not for ideological reasons, but because he’s a sore loser. We’ll never be able to please him and he won’t come to terms with us.

Yesterday Paul Waldman wrote something in the Washington Post that sums the whole thing up perfectly.
“No matter how much the party moves to the left — and it has moved a great deal in the last few years — there will never be a point where Sanders says, “I’m really pleased with where the Democratic Party is right now.”
“Because once he said that, there would cease to be any need for Bernie Sanders to exist.”

23 thoughts on “Bernie Attacks Obama For MLK’s 50th! Calls Democrats Failures.

  1. #BlueWave #BS @Dissect Fake #FakeLeftIsAltRight #PlotToHackAmerica and Yes #FisAcon is working with the Alt Right. If anyone understands the first thing about pro wrestling every Heel must have a Hero and the #JBSbs is playing both extremes against the middle is not the first time and probably will not be the last as Nationalism comes in many Cults and Colors #Bloodlands

  2. Bernie in NO way insulted Obama. He made the point that because Obama was a star, people failed to look at the DNC and their pull of the party away from the people and toward the right. Bernie was dead right! He singlehandedly went across the country preaching for We the People of this nation over corporate interests. Bernie challenged the Dem National Committee’s reliance on being “liked” by Wall Street and for-profit health insurance and giant pharmaceutical companies. Bernie spoke to the growing inequality between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Bernie called for Medicare for ALL after mainstream Dems pooh poohed the idea becasuse it might upset corporate donors. Bernie fired up millenials amd got them talking about the system and how it shuts out qualified candidates. The new wave of voter participation came about because BERNIE SANDERS got out there and hammered home the fact that We the People were being shut out by the party that traditionally represented OUR interests until it started playing Republican light. Bernie Sanders saved the Dem Party and people should remember that nothing will please Repubs or Putin more than infighting that splits us up and puts them back inoffice to complete the corporate stranglehold on this nation!

    1. It was a direct insult not only to President Obama but to the black community Who still mourning the death of a great leader. And why do I say that because President Obama was stalled out on every promise that he tried to make and yet under his leadership we learned courage our economy has grown and people went back to work. Bernie Sanders only shows up like a lawyer chasing car accidents
      Bertie Sanders professing not to be a Democrat professing to be a Democrat professing not to be a Democrat is a thorn in the side of Democratic Party . Bernie Sanders is no way promoting Democrats. and he certainly hasn’t improved the democratic process Democrats have been the progressive party in a land of conservativeness. This whole country has been influenced by religion. And day by day we have taken that on.
      Bernie Sanders does not support women People of color and the LGBT community. I ask has he promoted anyone From these walks of life no and he continues to ignore the things we need.
      There is no way Bernie Sanders will get the black vote because they realize that he fails to understand there cause Or to show support for them. For him to even dare show up at a group that is mourning the death of children after what he done at Sandy hook vote is reprehensible. To say the very least. Some of us have memories. Some of us are using our brains and figuring out what Bernie Sanders is a user of mournful situations to promote his own revolution.

  3. I respect your opinion; you have worded it with respect, and so I will answer accordingly. That said, I disagree with nearly every word. You can’t call someone’s entire life work a failure without being insulting, first off. Nor has he ever done anything for the Democratic Party, which was already mobilized to a point it hadn’t seen in decades. HRC defeated Bernie by about four million votes. He just bashes us all the time, and meddles pointlessly in our internal affairs without even giving us the courtesy of officially joining the party he’s trying to hijack.

    1. Bernie Sanders agenda is to open up the Democratic party to the independents Who stand for nothing. Who in the past have not contributed one single penny of the Democratic campaign‘s. They have not wish to join anything or to repay represented for anything. The Green party continues to have outlandish ideals nearly to call chaos at the last minute. And this is exactly what Bernie Sanders is doing he is the master of chaos. He vilifies us instead of noting that the Independents are the ones who voted for Trump. Bernie Sanders vilifies the Democratic Party and yet can produce no progress of his own. His hollow conversations of failed ideas are beginning to fall on deaf ears. Just Google Bernie Sanders and see how little is out there anymore. Without his Russian cronies to promote his conversations he has ceased to exist in the internet world.
      I would ask why people would support the loser? Bernie Sanders lost by 4 million votes. Somewhat of a record losing to a woman.

      Did he pick himself up show himself as a manly man and get to work promoting Hillary Clinton to the Whitehouse history will not be calling to him for his long vacation
      And is it notable that the very states that he was said to be the winner where he went to work are the very states that voted badly doesn’t this tell anyone anything?
      Just the fact that he knew about the Russian interference and did nothing about it tells me the man does not have any standards of honesty. Add that to the fact the hatchet job that he did on Hillary Clinton using conservative talking points and Russian push points says a lot about Bernie Sanders. His weaknesses are notable

      1. Thank you both….I was starting to feel very alone in my thinking. This is so obvious. The Dem party got conned by him. He turned on them and us in a very despicable way and it is unforgivable given what the stakes were in that election. The SCOTUS….and thanks to him and his stupid bots and bros who helped the GOP we now have a fascist in the WH intent on wiping our government out. So I’m sorry if I’m not that worried about Medicare for all…why Medicare and not Medicaid?? Free college?? You have to be kidding…I have bigger fish to fry like making sure we are all allowed to vote without our elections being rigged, hacked, suppressed, and messed with.

        Thank God the young people are starting to get this….I was worried after 2016, but have renewed faith in the newer young people. I am proud of their activism, because when I was their age….I too was a political junky that called it straight out on Ronald Reagan and Bush and their destructive policies although I was not old enough to vote. I saw it then, while most of America was blinded by bullshit and propaganda.

  4. Bernie is frightfully inefficient as a legislator and generally irascible and rude as a person. He was red in the face and screaming, which he usually is. The twenty year legacy of failure he referred to included the recapturing of the country from Ronald Reagan, the balancing of the budget, and the Herculean cleanup job that awaited W Bush’s successor, no matter who he happened to be.

  5. Furthermore, and most importantly, his criticism was vastly unfair. It is easier to destroy than to create, especially at a time when Democrats have had less than two two year periods in control of Congress during the last forty years to do anything with. Even still, in the one year we did have, Nancy Pelosi alone did more good for the people than Bernie has in nearly thirty years in the Congress. The Atlantic’s Andy Kroll wrote that “Pelosi muscled through one major piece of legislation after another: the $840 billion stimulus package, the Affordable Care Act, the Dodd-Frank banking-reform bill, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and the Waxman-Markey climate bill.”

    1. That is what I found most disturbing. Here is this jerk, who appears to be trying to get attention for things that have already been discussed many times over, criticising everything the Dems did while we are losing our country to a Naziwanna be. I am so tired of the ignorant pointing out all the shortcomings of the Dem Party, which is the only institution left to defend democracy out there now. I’ve heard the idiots that appear to seem to think he is the only answer, while they hypocritically claim fantasy stats as if it were concrete evidence. In their effort to believe this they totally ignore all his shady behavior, his gaffs, his misogyny, his inability to get along with others, his total disregard for this country and it’s ability to go forward in a progressive way. They literally think and viciously stated they would be happy to see the Dem party burned down to the ground. In their ignorance they believed the hack journalists that helped gin this up and encourage it all in the name of misogyny and for their ratings.

      It’s the same as when Bush stole the election twice only much worse. We tried then to get through to them that after 12 years of tearing the gov’t down and 8 years of building it back up, plus all the dirty tricks they always pull to get elected….yet when he stole the election it didn’t seem to bother too many, except me. I was devastated because of all the lies. I knew they had cheated. Then they got the NYT to lie to the public and claim Bush had 500+ more votes than Gore anyway, which was a lie. The opposite was true. Stone had a hand in causing chaos, Rove was there, the Bushes used Jeb to steal democratic ballot boxes and help rig Florida. Then we had one of the worst times in history, until the present day.

      Yet they still refuse to take responsibility for what they’ve done. They stupidly think that we Dems should’ve done what they wanted, the sliver of Independent liberals, libertarians, etc wanted and go against our Dem base because they wrongly believed somehow that “they” were our base. Ludicrous thinking like that is what had them thinking they were entitled to take over our party, because Indep’s were the largest “party”, which is to say nonparty. They failed at obvious math, that 75% of that 40%, they had represented, always votes Dem and 25% goes Rep, so they represented maybe 5% of the electorate. Now the Dem recruitment is surging and the Indeps are stagnating.

      Everybody forgot about the 22 million missing emails that Bush got rid of. They forgot about the broken economy that fool left us, the attacking of civil rights, the deregulation of everything from CAFTA, to banks, to wall street. Somehow blaming Clinton, who had regulated it all back up from Reagan is now to blame. They forgot about the morons in the SCOTUS that the illegitimate Bush put there….but I didn’t. They forgot about how he allowed 9-11 to essentially happen and removed the main person that could’ve helped the most during that travesty. Why? There was a lot of corruption in the Bush/Cheney administration with their looting via Blackwater, etc This is all forgotten. It doesn’t bother them that the whole thing was corrupt, liberties were being curbed, the police state being built up, etc.. Then the final kick to the middle class and working poor was when Bush selfishly took half of the stimulus to line the pockets of his pals and wasted it on giving to banks, etc.. Obama could’ve used the entire stimulus to fix what was wrong and that’s why I thought Hillary and Bill should’ve been back at the WH to see it through because they would not have laid down the way Obama did. Experience matters.

      The criticism by all the media is, was, and continues to be unfair and unchecked because they have an agenda. I can spot it immediately and this frustrates me, because it goes unanswered for weeks, months and sometimes years. Matt Taibbi lost credibility with his hit piece on Hillary. He was dressed down for it and has been rather quiet ever since. He’s a hack. Opinions aren’t journalism. They continue to use the same lame lies and talking points to justify why they helped tRump get elected because bottom line….if you stayed home, you wrote in Sanders, voted for Stein as a protest….then you helped elect tRump along with all the hacks from Russia, the rigging at the state level, the fake news, etc…etc….

      I am glad this new younger group of kids seem to get that. They aren’t looking for pretty words, they’re looking for action. The records of the Republicans are terrible. They’ve done nothing and blocked progress for 40 years. That’s long enough. I just hope we have the courage to do what is necessary to fix our laws so we never have another tRump again…

      Vent Over…..

      1. I cheered out loud at the sight of this, I must admit. I couldn’t agree more with all of it. George W. Bush was the worst thing that ever happened to this country. His blunders, follies, and crimes are the defining factors of his presidency completely; it’s hard to find a single good word to say about the guy, save only that he wasn’t as big a fool as Trump and he had more capable personnel, even if they were just as evil. It took Obama eight years, just to get the country pointed in the right direction, but he did do it! All we had to do, was just move forward together under Hillary Clinton, and this could have been the brightest epoch in American history. I truly believe that. She had the most impressive set of technical skills that any Presidential candidate has ever had. She was so much more worthwhile than the miserable nuisance that was Bernie that the comparison went beyond the merely stupid or absurd, and ranged all the way through the realms of “dangerous” to “Insane and utterly reckless.” As for millennials, NO WAY are we accepting that this is all our fault. All that happened before our watch and most of us voted for Clinton, and more of us by the hour have become disgusted with Bernie Sanders. His message doesn’t jive with his actions. And he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  6. Go away #GreenPartyGunda stumping for Bernie #CloisteredCult without a clue. #BS #FakeLeftIsAltRight #PlotToHackAmerica #AssangeLied and when Bernie and the Burnouts Start Apologizing for Spreading Putin’s Lies and stop using alt right Trigger Words i will consider <3 forgiving you all #PutinsOtherPuppets

  7. Well, let’s start with President Obama. Yes, Bernie DID throw shade at him on the anniversary of Dr King’s death. Bernie also wanted to see President Obama primaried in 2012.
    As far as Wall Street goes, thats just a ploy to name Hillary a “corporate shill” or like his followers called her…”Corporate Whore”. That was a big boon for the Trump-Putin camp. Bernie was not without corporate assistance either. The NRA helped Bernie get into politics in Vermont. There’s also a working relationship between Bernie and Karl Rove and his superPAC. Look it up. Take the Pepsi challenge.
    On the subject of income inequality, there’s an intersectionality to economic justice that Bernie discards by the wayside, calls it “identity politics”. Bernie is about the working class white man. He has discarded people of color, LGBTQ and women’s rights. All of which are essential to socioeconomic justice.
    The new wave of activism can be attributed, although indirectly, to Bernie. He had his supporters hating on Hillary so much that enough of them voted for Stein to give Trump the Electoral college. That made us all fired up. Also, the Parkland Kids are doing a fantastic job mobilizing and organizing WITHOUT SARSOUR’S CREW!!! Thank God!!! They are also hip to Bernie’s gun voting record.
    As far as Bernie’s effect on the Democratic party, he gave us Trump. He won’t divide us again. As proven by democrats, not Berners, winning primaries. We will be that Blue Wave this fall.
    One more thing, Bernie voted against the Magistky Act and Russian Sanctions twice. And Tad Devine, his chief advisor, worked with Manafort and Gates in the Ukraine installing a pro Kremlin dictator and silencing his female opponent. Sound familiar? Look it all up. Google it. Take that Pepsi challenge. I dare you.

  8. One more thing, look up how much $$$ Bernie takes from Big Pharma. I guarantee you’ll pass out cold. And what’s wrong with shoring up Obamacare??? With a Blue Congress, everyone could have decent healthcare. Bernie’s Medicare for all is full of holes. Ask a veteran. And Bernie has recently used his cry for Medicare for all as a reminder for republicans to repeal and replace. Big Pharma, just like Rove, knows that dog won’t hunt. Pepsi challenge, my friend.

  9. Norah Black up there made a great point, about being glad to see young people waking up to Bernie. Building up a resistance to cultish brainwashing and disinformation is the entire purpose of Millennial Democrats. There has been an extremely unfair perception of millennials as being all in for Bernie. We’ve been portrayed as a pack of wild brats following an old chickenhawk of a demagogue wherever he may go. That is not the case. Most of us have brains and facts. Once you’ve got those things, it’s impossible to support Bernie Sanders.

  10. Well it goes largely unreported that the myth was dispelled by the vote tallies for Hillary, however; there is a possibility that the hackers targets the millennial group and flipped those votes to tRump. It’s just a theory I have, but it would account for that perception. Also, in my experience, I was fighting with bernouts who were in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s about why I wouldn’t support him. One of the reasons I wouldn’t was gun control. In response all I got was crickets. They were pissed that I wouldn’t join their cult. Nope…..never did feel the bern. Old, crabby, misogynistic, rude, and backstabbing doesn’t work for me.

  11. Crickets is all I ever get, too, and you said it using the word cult. When I first got involved they literally begged me to switch sides and come write for them. Literally. They begged. They seemed visibly shocked when I repeatedly said No, as if they couldn’t understand it on any level. It’s called conviction, guys. It was pretty pathetic. I’m going to hit a lick on free health care, at the cost of my country burning down around my ears? And it’s just like you said. When they got though their apoplexy, they asked me why. Why? Are you nuts? Have you done any research at all? You mentioned gun control; crucial factor. Here’s a few others. The ruining of Hillarycare in 92(he got his indy buddies together to abstain from voting, because we wouldn’t lose all our other votes over his beloved single payer option). The fact of his entire career’s accomplishments being the renaming of two post offices. His total and complete lack of respect for our system our our values; he didn’t even vote until 40, and then, it was for himself! Which he boasted about, to the Vermont college newspaper The Gadfly. He once said JFK made him nauseous. The list is just endless. Nearly 80 years worth of nothing but anger and complaining. What a tiresome fellow.

    1. The nerve of that lying, hypocritical, nasty grifter to “feel nauseous” over JFK. That’s another disconnect. They usually are berating and whining that our party isn’t as liberal, or our presidents aren’t as liberal as JFK and here they are worshipping a jealous, old, self-serving megalomaniac.

      Obama was right on point when he told us not to destroy the good for the perfect. That is precisely what Bernie, his bots and bros do. There is no perfect. It doesn’t exist. That is the point. This group just likes to bitch, piss and moan. It is unhelpful, causes chaos, and destroys our progressive agenda. They too are our enemies. It was a watershed moment when Obama said it.

      As for stupid Bernie sinking Hillarycare, that’s something nobody ever points out. In fact I’ve never seen it brought up on social media yet. If true, that would really make him look like the biggest hypocrite in congress. Once again the losers throw away half a loaf for no loaf. It’s just stupid. The nerve of that idiot to keep trying to cram this Medicare (instead of Medicaid) down our throats. We all know that there are more pressing matters and that Medicaid and single payer is the way to go. It makes me very irritable when I get emails to sign on to “Medicare for all”. It’s not going to happen and we are in the middle of a stolen election and a constitutional crisis at the moment just so the old crusty rude white dude can get attention. I’m done with this joke of a man. I would love to see someone discuss or ask him to answer for his child porn remarks about how you should touch childrens’ genitals. He’s a creep!

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