HELP VIRGINIA DEMOCRATS WIN!- Register for Phone Banking Tonight!


We need to get out the vote in Virginia to make sure Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, Mark Herring, and Democrats running for the House of Delegates win.

Sign up to make phone calls on Election Day. You’ll immediately receive an email with everything you need to get started. Your help is needed like never before. In an age where a cannibal savage is holding sway in the White House, you want to make sure you come out on the side of sanity. 

The 2016 election never really came to an end. It’s just shifted phases. These are the most important off-year elections in modern American history, and how they play out will have a lot to do with our ability to raise confidence and rally our people.

 None of us have stopped working for this. Not for one single day. And that is why we’re going to be ready.
But it’s also important to realize, this is true of the opposition as well. The next phase is going to involve some very hard fighting.

 We need to get ourselves together like there is no tomorrow. Anyone who sees this, who may be wondering about what more you could do to help, know that we have got a MILLION things to get done. We are organized, we are focused, and we are becoming a movement to reckon with, much faster than the enemy would like. Please feel free to reach out. Once we’ve joined forces, there will be no stopping us. Help us to make sure the center holds.
To register for phone banking, you will need to visit this website:
Thank you all for your help and your bravery. You are needed.

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