End Discord Among Democrats, Bernie- Join Us, or Don’t.

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. It all comes down to that. Everything he does makes perfect sense, once you’ve considered that he isn’t on our side.

A great deal of the blame for what happened in 2016 can be attributed to that fact. The primary started out well enough. Both sides were respectful and willing to dialogue. Both agreed that they had more in common than not, and that the entire thing basically amounted to a quarrel between brothers. We had a passionate, issues-focused, ideologically driven primary. It exemplified all that is right with the American political system. Everything was going fine.

Then Bernie started losing.

April was the turning month. On the seventh, he reviled Hillary Clinton in a speech in Philadelphia, calling her “unqualified” to be President, a blatantly sexist and stupid thing to say. It drew him a monstrous backlash from across the country, and from that day forward things began to change.

Bernie himself walked back from the comments. And many of his supporters refused to sign on with them. But many others, most notably the members of Bernie or Bust, followed their leader out too far and burned their bridges. That caused a schism in the Democratic Party, and things were not to improve.

As the weeks went by, things got worse for Bernie nearly every Tuesday. The delegate count and the popular vote were against him after Super Tuesday, and it just kept getting worse. By the time May rolled around, it was all but mathematically impossible for the Sanders campaign to prevail. It had been a good fight, but barring an unforeseen tragedy he was lost.

The best thing for the party, and for the country, would have been for Bernie to concede the race by June. Had he spent his time as vigorously campaigning for Hillary Clinton as he had for himself, things may well have worked out differently. As it went, by the time he finally gave his endorsement, far too much had happened.

The story of sensitive e-mails suggesting that Debbie-Wassermann- Schultz and Bernie did not like each other turning into an anti- Sanders conspiracy in the minds of his devotees has by now become legendary. They rioted in the streets while Paul Simon was playing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”.

Their attitude was a giant wet blanket on the enthusiasm of the general election, which was almost anticlimactic after the primary. There was nothing unexpected. Clinton and Trump were polar opposites; everybody knew what they were getting. But many in the Sanders camp persisted in drawing false equivalencies.

On Election Day, the former supporters of Bernie Sanders went around saying, “Hold your nose to the polls!”.

The day after the election, Bernie was trending on Facebook. Everyone was talking about whether Bernie could have won. Anyone who watched last night’s debate with Ted Cruz should be wondering no longer. It was a slaughter. Trump would have taken Bernie to the cleaners.

Since then, the gap between the Democratic Party and the rogue Sanders element has widened continuously. The 2017 Democratic National Committee chairmanship election between Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota was the first contested DNC chair election since 1985. It gave us a solid look at the discord brewing in the party.

For more than a year, real Democrats have been asking our leaders to deal with this matter, in no uncertain terms. It’s dangerous to be in a trench with people who are trying to kill you. The time has come to settle the issue.

This is why the DNC has offered a formal invitation to Bernie Sanders to join the Democratic Party. It’s time we all knew which side we were on. If you are one of us, then say so, and we’ll start burying the hatchet. If you are not, then form your own party. One way or the other, this internecine war has got to end. It does nothing but rip us all up.

The DNC has also announced its picks for the DNC’s at-large positions ahead of this week’s fall meeting in Las Vegas. The party’s new slate of at-large delegates is reflective of reality. The radical left elements in our party have seen themselves ousted, and replaced with personnel who are both competent and loyal. Millennial Democrats is happy to welcome back Donna Brazile.

The beneficiaries of all this infighting have been the Republicans and Donald Trump. The man is insane and also a billionaire. We have got our hands as full as we can handle. We can fight a war on two fronts, if we have to, but we cannot fight one from within. Join us or don’t, Senator Sanders. We’ve all got work to do.


56 thoughts on “End Discord Among Democrats, Bernie- Join Us, or Don’t.

  1. There’s no division among democratic voters…BERNIE MUST GTFO OF OUR BUSINESS and our party. We are totally UNITED in this. No division…

    1. We are in accord here; or at least, on the way there. The point of the DNC offer for Bernie to join the party,is to force him to put up or shut up. If he’s going to be a Democrat, then let him declare as such. Until then, he’s just another foe.

  2. We need a unified foundation, is why. Even if we don’t like each other now, you get a group of folks out in the world and working on something together, they will come around. But they have got to be together. Without that, there’s nothing but a squabbling rabble where a viable party ought to be.

  3. It would be nice, if we could all be on the same side and fight the war together, but that’s not how it went last fall, and we’ve got to be prepared to face that it might go poorly for us again. We can fight a war on two fronts if there’s no other way, but we cannot survive treason from within.

    1. Bernie and the Burnouts Must Apologize Publicly for Allowing Right Wing Extremest Lies to Permeate the Democratic Party and Like a Cancer it must be Identified and Treated Accordingly.

  4. Would the DNC be willing to get rid of superdelegates? That’s the only reason Bernie was “losing” when the article says he was. If anyone wants to start a party with integrity—I’m there. The DNC can’t smell it’s own bs anymore.

    1. I’m glad you brought that up. A few things on superdelegates, before we get started. The same guy who built Bernie’s campaign built the superdelegate system, Tad Devine. He was also Paul Manafort’s right hand man in Ukraine. If only we could go back in time and be rid of him.

    2. Absolutely not. We need super delegates as they actually work with and know the ‘real’ person and how effective they are and not just the ‘show’ they put on. Same thing goes for open Caucuses – get rid of them! Closed Primaries only, no more fraudulent input in selecting our Dem nominee.

    3. OFFS Bernie WAS a superdelegate, wasn’t he? Why didn’t he speak out then and refuse to cooperate, like he does with everything else? Sanders himself repeatedly advocated for superdelegates to follow the will of their state’s voters. That’s what they did. Hillary was chosen by more Americans than any white man in HISTORY. Apparently berniacs can’t smell their own BS. The rest of us can, though. 🙂

    4. Garbage. Bern lost by every measure possible. He lost the popular vote by almost 4 million votes, the equivalent of some 15 million in a general election. He lost the majority of contests and had there been no superdelegates he still would have lost. You have no facts to back up what you are saying. You also fail to understand that there is one Political Party that has been working for the regular people of the United States over the past 65 years and it is the Democratic Party. Please take your empty rhetoric elsewhere.

      1. Absolutely. The Sanders race was not close. It was an annihilation. Obama-Clinton was close. THAT was an tough primary. It was down to the line all the way to the end. That’s the race in which superdelegates were a factor, not in 2016. As a matter of fact, Bernie spent all May and June begging superdelegates committed to HRC to switch sides, against the will of the voters. Very progressive.

      1. 😉 … Propaganda played a big part in what happened during the election and Propaganda aka manufactured news was also fed to Bernie and the Burnouts and all the rhetoric in the world will never replace Honesty. Hillary Obama and Democrats Tried to Warn them But No and Now we have this mess. …

    5. Why Lie … when the truth matters …. *(*? … “The DNC owed Bernie nothing. Having a preference for a stronger individual isn’t rigging. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are not equals. She has immensely more experience in politics and has devoted over three decades of her life to the Democratic party. At this point we should recognize that sexism and misogyny prevents a lot of people from admitting these truths. But let’s move on. …”


      1. A man with Hillary Clinton’s resume would have been BEGGED into the White House. Sexism is deeply ingrained and terribly powerful. Millennial Democrats will admit to having underestimated its capacity last year. We have learned much since then.

  5. you cannot shame us into supporting corrupt neo liberal candidates that are no better than thieir republican counterparts. Keep ignoring us progressives and treating our cause with hostility. We will never rejoin your party and you will continue to lose elections until your party is replaced with a genuine progressive one

    1. Lazy independents and non voters have ruined this country. They take our work, our slogans. Progressives were in the Democratic party since 1910. It is a no brainier to conclude that thievery of our work is the BS way. Stolen data and stolen place in our Party. He is not living up to his pledges just today information came through about his taking in any one not adhering to the platform, in choosing leadership he will help fund those who will not stand for abortion These and putting down the Democrat who is able to take on a Republican running for Governor in VA is now the core of his work.

      1. It really is a shame. I could not agree more. The Sanders camp has no monopoly on the word progressive; as a matter of fact it’s just the opposite. In order to be a progressive, you’ve got to prove you can make progress. In order to make progress, you’ve got to be able to work with other people. All-or-nothing doesn’t work. As Bernie hasn’t realized that in 76 years, there’s a pretty good chance he isn’t going to.

  6. I find it very, very revealing none of the He’s Not Even a Democrat™ folks ever argue against Bernie’s policies. I can only assume you’re perfectly OK with his pro-choice, anti-fracking, pro-living wage, pro-medicare for all agenda? It’s just his party affiliation you have a problem with? If that’s the case, you do realize that Independents far outnumber Democrats, don’t you? And you do realize every time you disrespect Bernie for Not Being a Democrat you (further) alienate Independents who would be natural allies? Have you learned nothing from 2016?

    1. I don’t think they care. They are actually trying to force people out of the Democratic party. Ive never seen anything like it. Most parties want MORE votes. That’s usually how you win. Democrats seem content to divide us and lose. Why even bother to have a party at all? We can save our money and concede to republicans. You know, I voted for Bernie and then I voted for Hillary, and I had no problem supporting them both. I’m sick of these Extreme Hillary supporters. She lost! I hate it. You hate it! But it’s done! I hate Trump, you hate Trump, why can’t we get it together? I’m tired of Bernie being treated this way. I don’t know who I will be voting for in 2020 but it won’t be for Hillary, should she choose to run. I can promise you that.

      1. Furthermore, what is it you so strenuously are objecting to here? There’s not one single word that’s not verifiable. We have every right to air legitimate grievances. That was the goal of this article. To air our grievances and put on the table how we feel. That honesty is the ONLY way to any kind of meaningful unity between the Sanders camp and real Democrats. You hear us out, we hear you out, and then we shake hands and get back to work.

      2. I like to hope that you’ll be voting for the candidate selected by the voters in our primary and the candidate selected by the Democratic National Convention. That’s what we’ll be doing.

    2. Bernie’s policies are not Bernie’s policies. They belong to all of us. If any one person can take ownership, that person would be Franklin Roosevelt, who invented them and gave them to us. Bernie’s policies are our policies, made vague and sloppy. Against vague and sloppy, we do indeed argue. All the time.

      1. Correct. None of Bernie’s platform is his own other than his uncompromising, my way or the highway stance – which will ALWAYS lose.

      2. FDR had policies like Bernie. And then eventually the Corrupting special interests and their billions of dollars began corrupting both parties… effectively “buying them”. And now we are where we are today. This is why official democrat surrogates slander Bernie everyday on twitter and why they had to bend the rules just to make sure he didn’t win. We know she got Town Hall questions from Donna Brazille. What all happened is beyond curious. Lol. There is big money at stake.

    3. I have had several problems with BS, even before he decided to exploit the Democratic Party.

      I have a problem about him claiming he’s not a war hawk when his voting records in Congress show otherwise.

      I also have a problem with how he votes when it comes to issues with gun control. And don’t tell me about his grade with the NRA. That does not explain his vote on the Brady Bill and protecting gun manufacturers.

      I also have a problem with how he treats minorities. Prime example is how he ignored the pleas of the poor community in Sierra Blanca, TX for him not to support a bill that would establish a waste dump near them. By the way, I also have a problem with the fact that his wife sits as an alternate commissioner for the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission. And she’s still drawing a salary from that, even as an alternate. Pay for play much?

      I also have an issue with his supposed support for LGBTQ issues, when the fact that up until 2006, he said that same -sex marriage should be left up to the states, and that marriage should be between a man and his wife. Really? A woman is a man’s possession? My, my, misogyny…

      I have learned a lot from 2016. And even before that. I have learned not to trust BS. His continued presence and involvement in Party affairs is in violation of Article 8, Section 1 of the Party’s Charter and By-Laws. By that alone, he should not have been allowed to seek the Party nomination. He should get lost. Feel free to join him. In fact, I encourage you to.

  7. The Sanders camp started a number of rather insolent and aggressive political organizations in the aftermath of the country’s heartbreak over the disastrous result of last year’s election. This is inexcusable, but also understandable. Everyone was really angry at the time, and pointing fingers is always easy. Everyone makes mistakes.

  8. But even among these heavily radicalized organizations, there is one that stands out particularly for the sheer ugly brazenness of its slogan, a hashtag called #WeWillReplaceYou. This is another supposedly liberal or progressive group looking to take out sitting Democrats from Congress in 2018.

  9. This kind of idea goes beyond obnoxious. It’s actively dangerous. The last hope of the nation is that most people, on both sides of the fence, will somehow come to realize this. Acrimony on the left is exactly what Donald Trump and the Koch network are really after. We have got to perceive their strike, and pull back before it is too late.

  10. It is for that reason that we’ve decided to promote a counter-hashtag, #WeWillEmbraceYou. We don’t want to fight. One way or the other, this internecine war has got to end. It does nothing but rip us all up. The discord between our two camps still amounts to a quarrel between brothers.

  11. So when they shriek at us, “We will replace you!”, we will respond calmly and say “Well, we will embrace you.” At the end of the day, our message to our natural allies to the left of us is simply this- Even if you insist on wanting to be our enemies, we are still your friends.

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