Attacked, Nearly Hacked- Bruteforce Assault on Millennial Democrats.

By this point, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Facebook is mistreating loyal Democrats.

Two more activists working with us ended up in Facebook Jail, only yesterday, for sharing an article called Congress Must Reform Facebook.

Facebook Jail is slang for when you get blocked from various Facebook features by its robots, because the Russians and their proxies have figured out how to game its Report as Spam/Abuse buttons. The purpose of these buttons is fair enough. Obviously they wouldn’t want any harassment or nasty language fouling their platform. This is understandable.

However, why is treason acceptable? Why is the subversion of our country and the crippling of its democratic system not prioritized as well? It seems to me that ruining a presidential election is a greater crime than saying the “F” word, but that’s the great thing about our democracy. Everyone is free to disagree.

While writing today’s article, it was discovered that hackers, one of them from Ukraine, had tried twice to bruteforce attack Millennial Democrats. Furthermore, it’s hard to believe that the other was really from Rio de Janeiro. Three bruteforce attacks total. Here are a few pictures. Look closely! What you see is of the utmost importance. This is physical proof of an assault against an American by a foreign agent, for doing nothing more than participating in the political process of America.

Below is a picture of where the assault most likely came from. Although a VPN is possible, they’ve got to know it’s creepy, to know you’re being actively targeted by professional hackers thousands of miles from you. where the person was from, Anyway, Lviv, Ukraine is where X marks the spot. We have been attacked by operatives working out of this area repeatedly since less than a week after the blog was up and running. They work fast, and they fight dirty.

Let’s be clear here, though. The Ukranians are our people. They are not to blame. They are on the front lines of a very terrible conflict with the man who was to blame, Vladimir Putin, due to the fact of their being neighbors.

They’ve got a very problematic, Russian-speaking minority, who took money and guns and orders to agitate violently in their country of residence on orders from their comrades in Russia, in order to begin a sequence of events that was to end in Russian annexation of Crimea.

Cyber-assaults and virtually disseminated disinformation campaigns were a critical component in that war, and in Georgia, and in Estonia. Our election, the French election, etc. The list goes on and on. In any case, whoever it is does not have the best interests of Ukraine or anyone else besides Putin in mind. That much is certain.

In this context, the cyber-wars being fought by Democrats against Russian destability tactics involve a constantly increasing level of risk. We are the target of techniques potentially far more dangerous than ever before.

Social media analyst Jonathan Albright got a call from Facebook the day after he published research last week showing that the reach of the Russian disinformation campaign was almost certainly larger than the company had disclosed. While the company had said 10 million people read Russian-bought ads, Albright had data suggesting that the audience was at least double that if ordinary free Facebook posts were measured as well.

But he was undoubtedly horrified the day after, to discover that they had scrubbed from the Internet thousands of Facebook posts and the related data, nearly everything that had made the work possible.

Neither he nor any other researcher will ever be able to run the kind of analysis he was doing again.

In the meantime, we’ve been finding out all kinds of other things. The Russians who posed as Americans on Facebook last year tried out all kinds of different guises.

There was “Defend the 2nd,” a Facebook page for gun-rights supporters. This page was plastered with pictures of guns and extreme talk of false patriotism.

Conversely, they had a rainbow covered page for gay rights activists, “LGBT United.” There was even a Facebook group for animal lovers with memes of adorable puppies that spread across the site with the help of paid ads.

One Russian-linked campaign posing as part of the Black Lives Matter movement used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Pokémon Go and even contacted some reporters in an effort to exploit racial tensions and sow discord among Americans, CNN has learned.

The Don’t Shoot Us campaign — the title of which likely referenced the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” slogan that became popular after the murder of Michael Brown, used these platforms to highlight incidents of alleged police brutality. The goal was to destabilize the atmosphere of our country by taking advantage of racial polarity.

This Pokemon Go strategy was particularly dangerous. It was getting people up, out of the house, meeting each other, and spreading their message further. Why? They wanted to help BLM become just strong enough to start scaring middle class white people, right into the arms of Trump.

Federal investigators and officials at Facebook have concluded these groups and their pages were part of a highly coordinated disinformation campaign tracing back to the Internet Research Agency, a secretive company in St. Petersburg, Russia, known for spreading Kremlin-linked propaganda and fake news across the web.

It serves to potently illustrate the level of what we’re up against. These people are masters of their trade, and they understand our system far better than most of us do. Going forward, the paramount goal of Millennial Democrats is to remedy this matter in every last one of its ramifications. We’re getting a look at all their tricks. We can learn them.

Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg said simply that “Facebook owes the American people an apology, and not just an apology, but determination” for our role in enabling Russian interference during the election.” She said also that we can count on the help of Facebook, saying “We’ll do everything we can to defeat them.”

We would like nothing better than to take Ms. Sandburg at her word, and we will be of assistance in every way we can. It is for this reason, that we’re going to keep chronicling all the strange and unfair occurrences that keep befalling us Democrats on their platform.

Hopefully they will soon perceive the pattern, and realize that posting is way down across the board for everyone except those whom the Russians approve of, e.g. the followers of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Something has to be done.

Those of us who have hung in there all this time and have seen this thing evolve, have a great deal of perspective to offer as to what it’s been like, soldiering on as loyal citizens in the middle of darkening ages. We have calmly continued to compile data, and we are eager to share and help out.

 Harvard Law scholar Jonathan Zittrain wrote an essay in June 2014 for the New Republic. He gave it a straightforward headline. “Facebook Could Decide an Election Without Anyone Ever Finding Out. In it, he called attention to a disturbing but realistic possibility. Facebook certainly had the power to selectively influence voter turnout.

It’s really eerie how every single major mishap to happen there seemed to favor Trump or Bernie without exception. It is the opinion of Millennial Democrats that Facebook should not be fully trusted.

The difficulties we are facing there are very real, and it is very disgusting. We are being stopped from participating in the political process of America, as Americans, by foreign agents and agitators who have effectively conquered our entire section of cyberspace.

It’s really creepy, when someone tries to hack you. It’s violating and invasive. They come in the middle of the night while you sleep, with fancy hacking programs, and they try hundreds and hundreds of times to break in and ruin your hard work.

What a lowlife, scummy way to spend your time.

That kind of cockroach mentality is that of a loser who has nothing positive to add to the world. They can only destroy.

They invade our lives every way they can, through literally every single digitally interactive communication platform that exists across the World Wide Web. Their infrastructure is solid and was built right beneath our noses.

We have done our best, but we’re up against billionaires and an enemy who can’t even spell the word scruples. We have asked for help repeatedly, and on many different occasions. It is high time for Facebook and other American tech giants like Google to aggressively respond, not to mention the government. This concerns every American, large and small.

We have compiled a thorough list of representatives with phone numbers, and we are asking for your help in the strongest possible terms. They can’t ignore us, when we combine by the hundreds of thousands. Something tells me Robert Mueller might take some interest as well.

Here are the Republican members of the Senate Intelligence Committee with telephone numbers,

Chairman Richard Burr, NC, 202-224-3154 or 800-685-8916

James Risch, Idaho, 202-224-275

Marco Rubio, Florida, 202-224-3041

Susan Collins, Maine, 202-224-2523 or 207-622-8414

Roy Blunt, Missouri, 202-224-5721

James Lankford, Oklahoma, 202-224-5754

Tom Cotton, Arkansas, 202-224-2353 or 479-751-0879

John Cornyn, Texas, 202-224-2934

Here are the Democratic members of the Senate Intelligence Committee with telephone numbers,

Mark Warner, Democratic Vice Chairman, Virginia, 202-224-2023 or 757-441-3079, or 804-775-2314

Diane Feinstein, California, 202-224-3841, or 415-393-0707, or 310-914-7300, or 619-231-9712

Ron Wyden, Oregon, 202-224-5244 or 503-326-7525

Martin Heinrich, New Mexico, 202-224-5521 or 505-346-6601

Angus King, Maine, 202-224-5344 or 207-622-8292

Joe Manchin, West Virginia, 202-224-3954 or 304-342-5855

Kamala Harris, California, 202-2243553, or 213-894-5000, or 415-355-9041, or 619-239-3884

Here are the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee with telephone numbers,

Devin Nunes, Recused Chairman, California, 202-225-2523 or 559-733-3861

Mike Conway, Acting Chairman, Texas, 202-225-3605

Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey, 202-225-6572, or 800-471-4450, or 609-625-5008

Tom Rooney, 202-225-5792

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, 202-225-3931 or 305-668-2285

Michael Turner, Ohio, 202-225-6465 or 937-225-2843

Brad Wenstrup, Ohio, 202-225-3164 or 513-474-7777

Chris Stewart, Utah, 202-225-9730 or 801-364-5550

Rick Crawford, Arkansas, 202-225-4076

Trey Gowdy, South Carolina, 202-225-6030

Elise Stefanik, New York, 202-225-4611

Will Hurd, Texas, 202-225-4511

Here are the Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee with telephone numbers,

Adam Schiff, Ranking Democratic Member, California, 202-225-4176, or 818-450-2900, or 323-315-5555

Jim Himes, Connecticut, 202-225-5541, or 866-453-0028, or 203-333-6600

Terri Sewell, Alabama, 202-225-2665

Andre Carson, Indiana, 202-225-4011 or 317-283-6516

Jackie Speier, California, 202-225-3531 or 650-342-0300

Mike Quigley, Illinois, 202-225-4061 or 773-267-5926

Eric Swalwell, California, 202-225-5065 or 510-370-3322

Joaquin Castro, Texas, 202-225-3236 or 210-348-8216

Denny Heck, Washington, 202-225-9740.

Going forward, we have a clear goal. We must pressure Facebook and Congress every way we can. We can do this by continuing to raise public awareness of the foreign suppression of American citizens online. We simply ask that you help us get the word out, while you still can.

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