DACA Recipients are Part of our Country.

“DACA recipients are part of our country now” – Democrats

-Christopher Lopez

September 9, 2017; 2:01 p.m.

There has been many arguments argued for years .  For example, there has been arguments towards Mexicans and African Americans. Those that are oppose to DACA are arguing ” No one deserves Special treatment ” “ No one deserves a free pass” “They are illegal” .

Every argument that is expressed is strictly understood but not fair nor is it American.  There is a word such as Liberty and Equality. Those that are not familiar with Libery; here is the Definition: “ the state of being free within a society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.”

America should have been that face of Liberty.  Whatever happened to Life , Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Whatever happened to the land of the free? It is not Democrat or Republican . It is about America. A minority of Americans think that they lived here for so long  that they are better than anyone else  . That minority is not better than anyone else .

My response to the people opposing DACA:

“You and your assumptions are very insulting to every minority group and very insulting to America. It’s also very Un- American. Mexicans and Mexican American . Both Mexicans. You assume that all Mexicans are criminals and you assume that Mexicans are the only ones that come here illegally and you assume that all Mexicans are thugs. Every insult that comes out of your mouth is an wrongful assumption that insults the Mexican community and of course you don’t care . Because If it doesn’t happen to you why should you care . But in my perspective , you should walk through our shoes. See the way of life from a Mexican’s Perspective. For years, Mexicans have been hated and as well as every minority group and for what ?? You’re claiming it is your land which is WRONG. You are an immigrant just like everyone else and the assumption that every Mexican is illegal is Pathetic.

According to Washington Post , the ending of DACA , will change 800,000 lives in a drastic moment  and just like that , it upended one whose name is Tony Solis.

He stated to Washington Post :

I had lived in the U.S. since I was 6. Now at 20,  I felt just as much an American in Paris as any other study-abroad student.

He also stated to Washington Post :

What if there was no future for DACA? Reports by then were emerging that Trump had decided to end it after six months. What if that meant my family could be deported in six months? The government knows my name, my address and where I went to school. I had read promises they wouldn’t use that information against me, but what if that changed, too?

All of these what if’s — that’s what DACA had spared him from. His parents had lived with worry every day since moving with their five sons from Guerrero, one of the most dangerous states in Mexico, to Chicago 13 years ago. They made a living selling fruit on the city’s corners, always wondering what if that police officer was coming toward them, what if he wanted trouble, what if he tried to arrest them, what if, what if, what if.
Tony’s only memory of coming to the U.S. was of his parents waking him early, putting him in a car with his brothers, and offering him orange juice. He remembers learning English by naming objects in picture books at school. But after that, his life began to resemble those of his classmates: leveraging his straight As to get a Nintendo DS; getting his picture in the paper when his soccer team won the city championship; asking the cute girl at his lunch table on a date to see “Divergent.” He never told his friends he was undocumented; it never came up.

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