Spared from the Shutdown- Democrats Save The Day!

Democrats won a gigantic victory Wednesday.  By convincing the president to adopt our government funding plans, we spared the government from a long-threatened shutdown to take place over lack of support for Trump’s border wall funding.  At a time when Hurricane Harvey just ended, Hurricane Irma is smashing the Caribbeans on its way to Florida, and Hurricanes Katia and Jose are forming right behind her out on the ocean, putting partisan politics aside was necessary to save the country. It’s in the nature of Democrats, to plan for the sake of the nation.

For Republicans on Capitol Hill, however, Trump’s decision has had a very different effect. It has badly upended negotiations in a variety of policy areas they consider crucial in the fall.

And the GOP is said to be livid, that master negotiator Donald Trump, took the first offer Democrats put on the table.

Trump even overruled his own Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, to concur with “Chuck and Nancy,” as he later called them on Air Force One. For once, it seems that everyone agrees on at least this much- that the president’s willingness to toady up to anyone willing to pat him on the head, is pathetic.

Even if it happened to work out for us all this time, it’s just another sign of the tendencies that have done him in all along, helping him to make decisions such as hiring Steve Bannon or withdrawing from the DACA program. ”

The key thing for now, though, is that provisions extending government funding and the debt limit through mid-December were passed by the House on Wednesday to provide $7.85 billion in Hurricane Harvey relief.

This is a good sign. Trump has been distancing himself from the party he conquered anyway. He views McConnell and Ryan as disloyal and weak, and has realized they’re not going to get anything done together. While Trump is a limited and small minded man, he is not without a certain animal cunning. It would seem he is in the process of coming to a realization. Insane or not, he must break with the useless Republicans.

For Donald Trump to receive anything but sheer disgust from everyone, if he wants even the merest semblance of the popularity he has always so desperately craved, there is only one way forward. He must accept and adopt the only plans for the country that make sense- the ones outlined by the 2016 Democratic Party Platform.

In the meantime, things are moving right along with the Mueller investigation. Trump Jr., Donald’s oldest son, will be testifying privately to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, as to exactly what he knows about Russian interference in our election last year. In July, he blurted out an admission that he’d gone to a June 2016 meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer, at which he was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

In addition, Facebook handed over data to Mueller on Wednesday also, regarding a Russian operation last year that paid to put out thousands of U.S. ads promoting divisive social and political messages in a two-year-period through May 2016, just before the primary ended.

A representative for Facebook said Wednesday that there were connections between the ads creating rifts between Democrats last year and a Russian “troll factory” in St. Petersburg, a sort of paid-per-comment deal where employees went trolling on Facebook.

Any social activist who was fighting for Hillary Clinton during the primary and after last year, can guarantee you categorically that those bots were very real.

Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, called the Facebook report “deeply disturbing and yet fully consistent with the unclassified assessment of the intelligence community. We are keenly interested in Russia’s use of social media platforms, both the use of bots and trolls to spread disinformation and propaganda,” he said in a statement.

Small wonder, seeing what a catastrophic effect it all had on last year’s election. The public is now acutely aware of the proliferation of overseas members from such places as Albania and Macedonia, that overwhelmed the Bernie Sanders social media world, with false and incendiary “news” designed to make Hillary Clinton an unacceptable option in the 2016 general election. This is confirmed by multiple sources.

Whatever its cause, the election of Donald Trump is the greatest political disaster our country has ever faced. We have lived through just under nine months now of total pandemonium. The very fact of a government shutdown even being mentioned, during a week in which four hurricanes have wreaked havoc, is unsettling in the extreme.

Tempting as it might have been to politicize Harvey and leave Trump to a well-deserved fate, we didn’t do that. We stepped up with magnanimity, and did what was best for America. It is the opinion of Millennial Democrats that our Democratic senators are heroes. We are very proud of them, and we are very lucky to have them.

This incident provides the public with further proof that Democrats are the only ones with viable plans for the future. We are grounded in reality and decency both. While Mueller finishes the process of finishing Trump’s crooked presidency off, and the Republicans enjoy their final meltdown, we Democrats have been busy. We have now proven that we can succeed in passing plans through that will maintain this country during the interim, even under the worst possible conditions. We’ve got a sane and reasonable alternative to offer the people of America, and they are starting to see it. Starting now, we are taking back our country.


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